My brothers name is John Michael Ferguson. He lives in Austin. It was his
first time to attend any of the games. He really enjoyed himself. He is
from the clan of Ferguson's from SW Louisiana who originally came to
Louisiana from the state of Iowa.
I sent my entire lineage in the first year that I was a member. Where do you
live and which Ferguson's do you come from. My GGGrandfather came tothis
country in 1831 from Inveraray, Scotland. His name was John and his wife's
name was Isabelle Sturrock. He live in New York for several years before
moving into the Iowa terratory and setting upthe first settlement in SE Iowa,
near what is no Davenport. He started the settlement with 8 other men. He
had 4 children.
Hugh married Mary May Safley Mann
Anna who married Herman Abraham Rodgers
Mary who married Robert M. Davidson
Margaret who married John William Greig, Sr.
John's wife died and he married Jeanette Fairchild and had 9 other children.
They were:
John married Ella Culbertson
Catherine Elizabeth married C. Ernest Jones
Nellie married J. F. Woods
Isabelle married James Albright
James Douglas married Mamie Little
William Archibald married Ada Williams
Clara Ferguson never married
Walter died in infancy
John was one of 10 childred of Colin Ferguson and Agnus Fletcher in
Inveraray, Scotland. His brothers and sisters were:
Humphrey Graham
Margaret (his twin)
His father Colin was born in Strathlaclan, Scotland in 1762. Colin's father
was Donald. That is as far back as I have been able to take it. I do not
know what happened to any of John's brothers and sisters. I have tracked
down some of my greatgrandfathers sisters lines and some of the half brothers
and sisters lines but not all of them.
I did have a complete copy of all of my records on the Family Tree Makers web
site but I found out that unscrupulous people were using hose home sites to
get credit cards and all kinds of other dishonest things so I removed it. I
will be glad to furnish you a copy if you would like.
Francine Ferguson