From: Earl Ferguson
Subject: [Ferguson] Roll Call
My Ferguson line stonewalls with GGGParents John Ferguson and wife Mary
____. Then
Thomas, b. 1798 in Leeds, Yorks. England. m. 1825 Matilda Gooch in London.
George G. Ferguson, b 1839 in Leeds, arrived in US in time to join the Union
Army in 1862. His siblings in England were:
Elizabeth Bashford, b. 1826, London, m. Richard Perry
John Gooch, b. 1828, London, m. Clara ---
William Dawson, b. 1828? London?, d. 1910
Matilda, b. 1831, Leeds
Mary Ann, b. 1833. Came to US by 1853, m. H.H. Stockton, d. Panama, NY
Charlotte, b. 1841, m. --- Lewis
Emma, b. 1843, Leeds
George G settled in Portland, OR, and most of his descendants are in the WA.
OR and CA area and well documented.
I'm most interested in contacting George G. sibling's descendants. Other
cousins are also warmly welcomed.
Earl Ferguson

Subject: [Ferguson] John Ferguson
"While we have this lively thread going, I'd like to add my two 'John"
"Fergusons"" to the list in hopes someone will make a connection."
John Ferguson and wife Mary (unkn) were the parents of
"Thomas Ferguson, christened 3/3/1798, St. Peter, Leeds, Yorks,"
"England. Married 5/21/1825. Matilda Gooch, christened 8/1/1802, St. Leonards,"
"Shoreditch, London, England"
"They had a total of 8 children, including:"
"John Gooch Ferguson, christened 3/26/1828, St Leonards, London"
"and my GGrandfather, George G. Ferguson, b. 10/13/1839 in Leeds"
"others were Elizabeth B., Charlotte, Matilda, Emma, William D., and"
Mary Ann.
A search for John Ferguson in Yorkshire during this time period has
identified about 20 possibilities which remains an unsolved problem.
"Where, Oh where, can I find information of either John Ferguson. Maybe some"
one on this list has the key.
"Earl Ferguson,"

Subject: [Ferguson] Where are the Fergusons?
Well, mine got lost in Leeds, Yorks. in 1798. To whit:
Thomas Ferguson, b. March 3, 1798, Leeds. Ref: St. Peters Parish records,
Regional Archives, Leeds. m. Matilda Gooch, May 21,1825, Saint Leonards,
Shoreditch, London. Thomas' father is given as John Ferguson, nothing further
Their children (approximate birth dates given below are christening dates
from parish records):
1. Elizabeth Bashford, b. abt Aug 1826, London; m. Richard Perry
2. John Gooch, b. abt March 1828, London; m Clara ____
3. William Dawson, b. abt March 1828, London; d. Dec 28, 1910
4. Matilda, b. abt Jan 2, 1831, Leeds; m. Joshua Bagin (Sp?)
5. Mary Ann, b. abt Jan 26, 1833, Leeds
6. George G. (My GGrandfather), b. Oct 13, 1839, Leeds; m.1 Effie Eliza
Richardson, probably b. Missouri; m.2 Rose Belle Hayden. George G. d. Sept
28, 1909 in Portland, OR, USA
7. Charlotte (Lottie), b. abt Sept 1841, Leeds; m. ___ Lewis
8. Emma, b. abt May 1843, Leeds
Additional facts:
George G. was in the US by 1863 when he enlisted in the Union Army in
He, Effie and 2 sons are listed in the 1880 Census in Tulare County, Calif.
Effie died in 1881 in Calif, and George and the two boys moved to Oregon.
I'm looking for information of the families of Goerge G.'s siblings, and on
possible siblings of his father, Thomas, presumably in the Leeds area.
Earl Ferguson
Atlanta, Georgia