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I am trying to discover information about John Ferguson & Margaret
Elliot whose son Isaiah Jerimiah was born in 1808 in Ireland. John was
said to be a soldier. Please contact me if you can help.

Thank you,
Colin Ferguson

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Yes, they were catholic. I don't know if they moved to New York or where they
died.  Isaiah immigrated to Australia. I think their other children were baptised
in the parish of Ballymachugh, William 1825, Robert 1834, Samuel John 1832. There may be others.

John Ferguson m Margaret Eliott about 1800 in Ireland. They at one time
lived in Co. Cork where Isaiah Jerimiah was born but we can find no
records to that effect. Their other children include William, Samuel
John, Robert and are all listed in the records of the parish of
Ballymachugh in Co.Cavan.

Sources for more information are:
The biography by Lady Ferguson, 'Sir Samuel Ferguson in the Ireland of his
Day' (1896); Sir Samuel Ferguson by Malcolm Brown (1976); An Ascendancy
of the Heart (1976); Samuel Ferguson: A Centenary Tribute, Terence Brown
and Barbara Hayley (eds) (1987); Samuel Ferguson: The Literary Achievement
by Peter Denman (1990); Samuel Ferguson: Beatha agus Saothan by Greagoir
O Duill (1993).

I am looking for information on Robert Ferguson who emmigrated from Northern
Ireland to Queensland, Australia some time prior to 1862. He married Isabella
Petrie and had two daughters, Mary Helen and Annie Tiffin.
Colin Ferguson

Subject: [Ferguson-L] John Ferguson of Argyle

The 91st Regiment of Foot was in Cork, Ireland 1808. I found in the
enlistment and discharge papers a John Ferguson who enlisted in 1807 and
was discharged in 1814 due to an amputated leg. This John was born in
Town of Kilbride, Kilbride Parish, County Argyle, Scotland.
Colin Ferguson
Coarsegold, CA, USA

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Subject: [Ferguson-L] Belfast Merchants 1809

Hello All,

I found the following entries in Holden's Triennal Directory - LDS Film
#0100179. My question is what kind of records exist to follow up and
learn more about any of these entries? I am particularly interested in
Ferguson & Elliot.

Belfast 1809 
Ferguson, John S. linen merchant & factor, Donegall Place 
Ferguson, R & F, haberdashers, 125 High-St. 
Ferguson & Elliot, wine & spririt merchants, 57 Hercules St. 
Ferguson, Wm. & J, haberdashers, 50 High-St. 
Ferguson, Wm. tailor, Legg's-lane 
Colin Ferguson
Coarsegold, CA, USA

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Subject: [Ferguson] Irish Ferguson
Indeed I am still around and cataloging anything concerning Fergusons of

Colin Ferguson

From: Colin Ferguson 

John Ferguson, b 1809 
+ Mary Chambers (2nd Wife) 
John Ferguson, b 1820 Ballymachugh, Co. Cavan
Robert Ferguson, b 1821 Ballymachugh, Co. Cavan
+ Ann Ferguson (3rd Wife) 
John Ferguson, b 1836 Ballymachugh, Co. Cavan
Eliza Jane Ferguson, b 1839 Ballymachugh, Co. Cavan

John Ferguson, a soldier 
+ Margaret Elliott 
Isaiah Ferguson, b 1808, Cork, Ireland 
+ Ann Lahy (1st Wife) m 10 June 1833 Ballymachugh, Co. Cavan 
3 Probable Children 
John Ferguson Drumilkin, Aghabog, County Monaghan. 
+ Jane Gallagher 
Margaret Ferguson married in Bun, Belturbet, County Cavan 
+ John Warner 
James Ferguson children born in County Westmeath 
+ Margaret Somers 
9 Known Other Children 
+ Elizabeth Breakey (2nd Wife) 09 March 1864 Derryvalley, Co.
Robert Wesley Ferguson and 2 others, to Australia

John Ferguson 
William Ferguson, b 1825 Ballymachugh, Co. Cavan
William Henry Ferguson, b 1828 Ballymachugh, Co. Cavan
Samuel John Ferguson, b 1832 Ballymachugh, Co. Cavan
Robert Ferguson, b 1834 Ballymachugh, Co. Cavan

John Ferguson, buried Tullyboy, Kilbride, Co. Cavan 10 June 1847, age 66 
John Ferguson, buried Bun, Belturbet, Co. Cavan 27 Jun 1869, age 83 
John Ferguson, Tullyboy Kilbride, Co. Cavan age 30, son of John,
marries Roseanne Sheridan, Jan 28, 1869

British War Office
WO 97/1097/46 - John Ferguson, b Castlelarra, Co. Cavan served in Cavan
Militia, discharged 1829 at age 42. 

WO 97/1131/253 - John Ferguson, b Killyshandy, Co. Cavan served in 43rd
Foot Regiment 13th Royal Veteran Battalion 7th Royal Veteran Battalion
from 1804-1816. Aged 29 at discharge. 

Its hard to say which John is which due in part to the fact that many
Irish records have been destroyed. I descend from Isaiah Ferguson son of

Colin Ferguson

From: Colin Ferguson 

Ref: Ireland Registry of Deeds 1862 Vol. 15, No. 106, LDS Film 558710

The above reference is a transaction involving Joseph and Anne Ferguson 
of Mullingar, Co. Westmeath of the first part


Beauchamp Henry Colelough of Wexford, County Wexford, captain in the 
Wexford Militia and Edward Hill of (Bandon, County Cork?), County 
Inspector of Constabulatory of the second part.

The transaction refers to property on Golden Lane and Great Ship Street, 
City of Dublin, formerly in the Tenure or occupation of Sir John 
Ferguson Knight and his undertenant.

Can someone identify 'Sir John Ferguson'?

Merry Christmas,
Colin Ferguson

Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 09:10:25 -0700
From: Colin Ferguson 

I obtained a copy of the manuscript below from Marsh's Library in 
Dublin. Would someone be so kind as to assist with translation? It is a 
small article and I think it would only take an hour for someone who can 
read latin. Please send me your postal address off list if you can assist.

Colin Ferguson
Title: (manuscript) Bill of costs in the cause between the Rev. Jeremy 
Dunbar and John Ferguson at Donegal
Author: Imprint: 1710 1711
Description: 3 p.
Subject: Notes: Bill of costs in the cause between the Rev. Jeremy 
Dunbar and John Ferguson at Donegal.
This item is one of thirty-three manuscript items relating to William 
King, Archbishop of Dublin (1650-1729). They were bound into this volume 
in modern times with other items of an earlier date which may also have 
been part of William King's collection. Previously numbered V3.1.25.