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Subject: [Ferguson] Sound Off Response
"Still looking for my Alexander Ferguson, b VA abt 1802. Wife a Sarah LNU. Was in the Census of Sullivan Co., TN in 1830, Census of 1840 in Greene Co., TN and Cass Co., GA in 1850. lost them after that."
"His son, William Milo Ferguson, married Elizabeth Hogan while they lived in Greene Co., TN and I am descended from them."
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From: A. Claude Ferguson
Subject: [Ferguson] Roll Call
Hello List.
Looking for Alexander Ferguson b. c. 1802 VA. Wife Sarah LNU b. c. 1806 NC. In Sullivan Co., TN Census of 1830. Greene Co., TN Census of 1840. Cass Co., GA Census of 1850. Lost after that. Some reports that the family went to Arkansas and then to Texas. Known children: William Milo 1828 (my g,grandfather), Alexander c. 1832, James c. 1833, Sarah c. 1839, Sabra c. 1841, Alfred c. 1843. All born TN/.
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Subject: [Ferguson] Some Ferguson References
"Three excerpts from my unpublished family history are linked from the Greene County Tennessee GenWeb Site. They are listed in the Research Aids. They include many of my Ferguson ancestors. If these are also in your ancestry, I would like to hear from you. The titles are:"
Bright Hope Furnace Ledger 1835-36
Whittenburg Episcopal Church Members 1846-1848
The Tale of a Wagon Train from TN to MO 1871
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From: A. Claude Ferguson
Do you have any information re the Milo Ferguson listed below. My
g,grandfather was William Milo Ferguson. b TN 1828 d. 1878 Howell Co., MO.
Father Alexander Ferguson b VA abt 1802. Mother Sarah LNU b. abt 1806
NC.Could the Milo be a connection?
A. Claude Ferguson
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Ferguson, Milo of Alpha, ID MONDY, Mabel R. of Alpha, ID 1909, 8
Aug Valley County, Idaho

From: "Claude"
Subject: [Ferguson] Drippong Springs Part 1

Subject: Bowles: Dripping Springs Baptist Church roster, Barren Co., KY,
The following pages are from the book, "Dripping Springs Baptist
Church," published by Sandi Gorin, reproduced here with her permission.
They are the minutes of the church from 3 Feb. 1798 to 1829. I've typed
them here just as they read on the pages given to me, being careful to
retain the varied spellings and abbreviations. I don't have any more
information about this church than what you see here. For that, you might
contact Sandi: sgorin@glasgow-ky.com
I've typed out all the pages that were sent to me, as many of our
allied families show up here. Primarily, I've been interested in the
notations of the names Patsey Jeffress, Daniel Jeffress, Sally Bouls, Lucy,
the servant of Mrs. Bouls, Elizabeth Bouls and John Bowls.
Since my Bowles ancestors were ardent Baptists, I'm pretty sure
that what we see above are my gggggrandparents, Daniel and Patsey Jeffries.
I'm not sure of the Bouls and John Bowls yet.
But this Dripping Springs group is generally the same group that
went to Daniel Jeffries' estate sale in Barren Co. in 1808, with the
surnames Anderson, Barton, Beacham, Bell, Bishop, Blakey, Blockey,
Boisseau, Bowls (a John included), Burk, Crenshaw, Dale, Dearing, Douglass,
Edwards, Gill, Hall, Hamilton, Jeffers, Latimore, McClure, Nevill, Newland,
Pearice, Price, Richardson, Ritter, Roberts, Shirley, Smith, Spencer,
Taylor, Warder and Wilson.
Many of these families moved with my Bowles/Jeffries/Smith group to
Tennessee and then Missouri and on to Texas. I know that a Robert
Stockton, one of the names listed below, went to Texas and his descendants
are still living in the Waco area.
If any of you have information on any of the Jeffries estate sale
families, or of the ones found in the Dripping Springs Church minutes,
please do post your info to the whole group, so we can all build on this.
And if anyone knows anything about the workings of the Baptist
Church in the Kentucky of 200 years ago, let us know what the terms
"Dismissed", "Excluded" and "Recantation" meant, and how it might have
affected the lives of those the terms applied to.
Best wishes,


Note in front of book:
Communion seasons April July & October.

February 3rd 1798
Then met at Wm. Blakeys at Sinks of Beaver Creek the scattered
members of the Baptist Society first hopefully have given them selfs to God
and each other and do agree to form a constitution and do covenant with
each other to watch over anf for each other according to the rules laid
down in the Gospel.
I do hereby certify that I was present at the time of thee above
eleven members united and from all appearance believed that they were ripe
for constitution I pronounced them a Church having all power in her self to
receive or expel members to choose here ministers and releing [?] members
certyfyed by me February the 3rd 1798.
/s/ Robert Stockton, Mins.


Constituted by letter.
John Bybee Snr. Dead
Elizabeth do Dead
Leonard Hall Dead
Winney do
Katharine Waggoner Dead
Robert Stockton Dismist


April 7, 1798 Barbara Anderson Excluded
May 5, 1798 William Bishop deadon [?] Dead
July 8, 1798 Thos. Shirley Excluded
Sept. l, and wife

by let. - by exp.

March 2, 1799 Rebecka Bishop 1 Excluded
May 4, 1799 Frances Thomas 1 Dism.
Sarah Holeclaw 1 Excluded
July 5, 1799 Elizabeth Smith 1 Dism.
Polley Shirley 1 Dism.
Nancy Stockton 1 Dism.
Neal McCan Bybee 1 Dism.
Oct. 5, 1799 Mary Bell 1 Dism.
Nov. 8, 1799 Ursula Allen 1 Dism.
Dec. 7, 1799 Dorcas Shirley 1 Excl.
Feb. 2, 1800 Robert Stockton ser. 1 Dead
May 4, 1800 Katherine Stockton 1 Dead
July 5, 1800 Susanah Shirley 1 Dism.
Oct. 4, 1800 Thos. Smith 1 Dism.
Peggy Smith 1 Dism.
Luis Gooden 1 Excl.
Dec. 7, 1800 Alexander Thomas 1 Dism.
Charloot Goodden 1 Excld.
Jan. 3, 1801 Elizabeth Tinsley 1 Dism.
Nancy Shirley 1 Dism.
Betsy Shirley 1 Excl.
Polly Bishop 1 Dism.
Samuel Bishop 1 Excl.
Lowry Bishop 1 Dism.
Susanah Smith 1 Dism.
Thos. Waggoner 1 Dism.
Mar 6, 1801 Nancy Shirley 1 Dism.
Moses Shirley 1 Dism.
Polley Shirley 1 Dism.
Benjamin Shirley 1 Dism.
Robert Shirley 1 Dism.
Hannah Shirley 1 Dism.
Edward Gill 1 Excl.
William Bishop Jun. 1 Excl.
Letties Shirley 1 Excl.
Sally Shirley 1 Excl.
March 7, 1801 Rubin Dale 1 Excl.
Salley Dale 1 Excl.
Daniel Shirley 1
Amey Gill 1 Died
Thos. Shirley Jun. 1 Dism.
Thos. McClain 1 Dism.
William Shirley 1 Excl.
Sam " 1 Dism.
Murrier " 1 Dism.
Betsey Shirley 1 Dism.
Jonathan Davis 1 Excl.
Betsey Blakey 1 Dism.
Benjamin Smith 1 Dism.
Apl 3, 1801 Ruben Stockton 1 Excl.
Margaret McClean 1 Dead
Caleb Sherley 1 Excl.
Janney Shirley 1 Dism.
Apl. 3, 1801 Nathaniel Car 1 Excl.
Permelia Sherley 1 Dism.
April 4, 1801 Henrey Hollsclaw 1 Excl.
Dick Bishops 1 Excl.
Dick Stocktons Sen. 1 Dism.
Cloe Stockton Sen. 1 Dism.
Reuben Stocktons Sen. 1 Dead
Apl. 5, 1801 William Blakey 1 Dism.
Primas R. Shirley Sen. 1 Excl.
Richard Sherley 1 Excl.
Richard Waggoner 1 Dead
May 4, 1801 Presley Thomas 1 Dism.
John Anderson 1 Excl.
Polley Allen 1 Dism.
Nimrod Sherley 1 Dism.
May 4, 1801 James Holtsclaw 1 excl.
Dick Bishops recantat 1 Dead
Lucy Bishops 1 Dead
Peter Ash 1 Excl.
Soloman Stockton sen. 1 Excl.
July 4, 1801 William McKey 1 Dism.
July 5, 1801 Amey H. Smith Sen. 1 Excl.
Sept. 6, 1801 Lucy Waggoners Sen. 1 Dead
Nov. 7, 1801 Milley Nuland 1 Dead
Dec. 4, 1801 William Bell 1 Excl.
Jany. 3, 1802 Bevely Bradley 1 Dism.
Nancy Bradly 1 Dism.
Jany. 4, 1802 Unity Stockton 1 Excl.
Nancy Garnett 1 Dism.
John Smith 1 Dism.
George Smith 1 Excl.
Fanney Stockton 1 Dism.
Feb. 2, 1802 Dianna Bell 1 Dism.
Ezekel Nulen 1 Dead
Mar. 3, 1802 Salley Smith 1 Dism.
Betsy Oaldham 1 Dism.
Polley Oaldham 1 Dead
Sept. 4, 1802 Alexander McDougal 1 Dism.
Hannah McDougal 1 Dism.
Sept. 5, 1802 Esther -------- 1
Jacob Latemons 1 Excl.
Ben Garnetts serv. 1

/s/ Test. Robt. Stockton Clk.
Clerk the 2 Edward Gill

A. Claude Ferguson
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