Hi, My name is Bonnie Cowger Ferguson.
I read your e-mail on the Fergusons. My husbands family starts with a Jessie
Bernard Ferguson b abt 1834  ? he was md the 24 Oct 1857 in Nelson Co VG to
Annie or Nannie A. Burnett. --William Bernard Ferguson 1858 Rockfish Nelson VG
md  abt 1890 in Wise Co TX to Mary  Brown/Braun  Both died in OK.-- Jacob
Bernard Ferguson 1895 Decatur Wise TX md Thelma Orene Vaughan br 1898 in New
Hope Madison AL then my husband Jacob Bernard Ferguson 1922 Carter Beckham OK.
Now my most important reason for contacting you was because you were looking
for Ferguson's in Claiborne TN.  I am searching that county for  a John
Cowger/Coger/Conger  in Claiborne also in Smith coTN if you ever run across
these names would you let me know where you found them. Thanks for much for
your time. Bonnie Ferguson ( jacboni@aol.com)

Hi Gary,
This is definitely our family, and it clears up Annie to Nannie Burnett. My
husband did think that his father was Samuel and you proved that with what you
sent.  I am very apprecitive  of what you sent. Please stay in contact.  I'll
have my husband contact you. There had been some confusion about the spelling
of Jessie and Nannie.
We do have the birth cert of William Bernard Ferguson and it had Jessee B.
Ferguson and Annie A Ferguson as parents.  Thanks a Bunch!
Jacob and Bonnie Ferguson  From: Jacboni@aol.com

45800 Challenger Way #183
Lancaster Ca 93535

HI Gary,
Thanks for the information!
I wish my husband was here to chat with you about this, he is conducting a
funeral this morning as he is in the Bishopric of an LDS Ward. He get back to
you soon. I looked up the family group sheet and he has listed for the
William Bernard Ferguson 31 Dec 1858 Rockfish Nelson VG d 21 Nov 1934 OK
Eva Jane or Emaline Ferguson abt 1862 Rockfish Nelson VG
Lula Fannie Ferguson abt 1864 Rockfish Nelson VG
George S Ferguson 1868 Rockfish Nelson VG died about 1930 in Waynesboro
Augusta Va md Maggie Critzer abt 1892.
Cora May Ferguson 1871 Rockfish Nelson VG
Annie Ferguson 1873 Rockfish Nelson VG
Gertrude Ferguson 1876 Rockfish Nelson VG
Edgar Ferguson 1879 Rockfish Nelson VG
So from what you sent the Jesse B. Who is the FARMER is our family.
What do you think?  Jacob Bernard Ferguson my husbands father was born 29 Jul
1895 Decatur Wise Texas which is about 30 N of Dallas I believe.  Your Bell
County Texas is in the San Antonio area and Bell County was taken from Old
Mexican Municipality est. 1718.  Then of course our Ferguson family went into
Oklahoma where my Husband was born in 1922 and he is the only son and first
So Gary where does this leave us?  I know you guys will connect because of the
common places in VG.
I must run and get some things done so we can go out of town for a couple of
Will be looking forward in hearing from you again.  
Jacob and Bonnie Ferguson 

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] John Ferguson- 1838-1941

Hi Terre,

I have a book that I bet you would like to read, title: THE FERGUSSONS by Sir
James Fergusson of Kilkerran
On page ten of this book it talks about the Fergusson of Craigdarroch
The oldest charter of this family, granting land in Glencairn to Fergusson of
Craigdarroch, is undated but belongs to the reign od David 11 (1329-71)
Another is of 1398 and a third of 1484.  Since others are missing, the descent
of the family is not clear before 1454, but thereafter it can be reaced
directly to modern times.
Then it tells more of the family history and then in pp 4 it talks about The
Dumfriesshire Fergussons who were more law-abiding that the Border Clans and
were occasionally summoned by the King to join a muster of the royal forces
against them.  In the seventeen century they were nearly all staunch
Then it mentions John Fergusson of Carrochdow. Robert Fergusson of
John Fergusson killed in battle fighting under Mackay at Killiecrankie in
1689. The saddle on which he rode that day is still preserved by his
William Fergusson of Caitloch, the Caitloch family due to sufferings under
Charles 11 and James V11 turned Jacobite.
James Fergusson of Craigdarroc, on the other hand, who was Chamberlain to the
Duke of Queensberry, was in 1745 a most active supporter of the Government and
the Protestant succession.
***Two eighteen - century membeer of the Craigdarroch family have achieved a
fortuitous fame in verse:
Anna Laurie (died in 1764), dau of Sir Robert Laurie of Maxwelton and wife of
Alexander Fergusson of craigdarroch, IS THE HEROINE OF  Lady John Scott's
famous song "Annie Laurie"; and here grandson, another Alexander, won the
Bacchanalian contest celebrated by Burns in "The Whistle".

I hope this might help you clear up the info you needed about "Annie Laurie"
Cheers!  Bonnie Ferguson 

Subject: [Ferguson-L] Re: Jesse B. Ferguson/Nannie A. Burnett

I am looking for Jesse B. Ferguson b 1827 Augusta Co VG 
md 26 Oct 1857 to Nannie A. Burnett in Nelson Co VG 
His parents are: Samuel B. Ferguson and Mary ?
Her parents are: R.W. Burnett and Frances ?
Jesse and Nannie's son William B. Ferguson was b 31 Dec 1858 in Rockfish
Nelson NC.
Anyone knowing anything about these families, please contact me.
Jacob B. Ferguson 

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] Re: Jesse B. Ferguson/Nannie A. Burnett

Hi CZ,
Well this will be great if we can work on these lines and get past the brick
I was born in 1922 In Carter Beckham OK md Mary Jayne Farley in 1944 and div
in 1967.
We had three children: James Bernard ( md Mary Wooding )
Rebecca Jayne  ( md Ralph Donald Van Dayken) ( their oldest is Amy D. Van
Dyken who won the four gold medals  in swimming at the Atlanta Olymics in
Then I md in 1969 Bonnie Cowger/Angle who had five children under the age of
and 9 months and 3 days later we had Shelley Rene. 
My parents: are Jacob Bernard Ferguson b 1895   Decatur Wise TX md Thelma
Orene Vaughan b 1898 New Hope Madison AL. (My grandparents came before 1900 to
homestead in OK)
Jacob Bernard 1922
Virginia Frances 1924
Ivalu 1926 
Peggy Jane 1928
My grandparents:
William Bernard Ferguson 1858 Rockfish Nelson VG md Mary (Mamie) Brown
Jacob Bernard 1895
Tommie Montgomery 1898
Flora Mae 1900
William LeRoy 1903 (all born in Decatur Wise TX)
My Great Grandparents:
Jesse Bernard Ferguson 1834 Nelson Co VG md 26 Oct 1857 in Nelson Co Vg
Nannie A. Burnett 1839 ( her parents are R.W. Burnett and Frances ?
William Bernard 1858
Eva Jane or Emaline 1862
Lula Fannie  1864
George Samuel 1868 md Maggie Critzer
Cora Mae 1871
Annie 1873
Gertrude 1876
Edgar 1879   all children born in Rockfish Nelson VG
My Great Great grandparents:
Samuel Ferguson 1802 Nelson VG ? (not sure of birth place yet) md Mary B. ?
Gary that is all I have at this time, I am just begining to search these
It was so great to find someone else out there that is related, does this make
us 3rd gen cousins?
You say My gg grand father Jesse B. and your gg grand father Samuel A are
brothers!  That will be great to know, you'll have to send me your lineage.
Right now you are in the driver seat you have been through more records than I
Well you noticed that the BERNARD has been used extensively on the Ferguson
Do you suppose that they had a slave family who took on there names, I believe
this oftimes happened to be the case,  the Slave took the Masters name. Could
that account for the two Jesse B.
Well I will ring off as it is almost 11:00 pm here in Lancaster CA.  Where do
you live?  Do stay in touch and I will help in anyway I can to continue the
search of our Ferguson's.  Thanks so much for what you sent, it sheds some
light and gives a twist that I had not considered before, until next time, My
Best to You.
Jacob Bernared Ferguosn 

I was wondering if you could do a look up for me in Rockymount Franklin VG
I am interested in Peter I Angle  and his desendants, they were in Franklin Co
Vg before 1785.
Thank you so much.
Bonnie (Cowger/Angle) Ferguson

Hi Geoff F.

If you are looking in Rockfish Nelson Co Vg for Ferguson's you'll connect up
with our clan.
Good Luck in your search.
Bonnie Ferguson

I am searching for Ferguson'S in Rockfish Nelson Co VG if this will help you
please contact me.
Bonnie Ferguson

Hi Marge,
I can't help you with your Ferguson's but could you tell me how you were able
to look at those records of the Dutch Reformed Church of Schenectady NY.  
I have 4th great grandmother Annetje Ann Hannah Van Vorst who was baptised in
that church 10 Dec 1758 daughter of Jellis Van Vorst and Annatje Berrit.
I am trying to find more about this family and where they might have come
from, I am assuming from the Netherlands ?
Annetje married Johann Jacob Powley/Pauli in abt 1774 probably in that Church.
Their first four children where baptized in that Chruch by Rev. John Stuart
she is referred to as Hannahat when the children were baptized.
Jacob Powley was born 14 Oct 1744 in Holland ? he is the only known son of
Francis Powley. His father and mother came with him to America and lived in
Schenectady NY. During the War of Indenpendence He fled as a Loyalist to
Midland District UC, and according to the UEL list Francis was the first
settler called Loyalist to be put on the list in the Kingston area.  His name
appeared on the 1786 Provision List which indicates that his wife is with him
also, and is receiving aid.
I would very much like to find someone who could look up in these records to
find out more about these people and especially the name of Francis's wife and
where both the Powley/Pauli and Van Vorst  families came from so I can
continue my searching for them in their homelands.
Thanks so much, if you can help or if you know of someone who can help I would
appreciate it, I found one person who has access to those records but she said
she charges $12 an hour plus 20 c  per copy.
I would very much appreciate hearing from you if you can be of assistance.
Good Luck in your search!! :)
Bonnie Ferguson

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] Richard Ferguson

Hi Bill,

I have noticed you on the net with lots of help and info, We are some of those

We are searching for Samuel B. and Mary Ferguson in VA
son: Jesse Bernard Ferguson md Nannie A. Burnett Nelson Co VA
son:  William Bernard Ferguson Rockfish Neson VA  md Mary (Mamie) Brown/Braun
son: Jacob Bernard Ferguson b 1895 Decauter Wise TX md Thelma Orene Vaughan b
1898 New Hope Madison Alabama.

Have you run across this Clan of Ferguson's?
Jacob Bernard Ferguson jr