From: Anne Ferguson 
My name is Anne Ferguson and I am new to this mailing list.  I descend
from William Ferguson (b. 1764 in Amelia Co. Virginia) and Juda Wood.  I
have information on a great deal of William and Juda's descendants but
am still searching for William's parents and siblings, as are several of
my cousins.  I have lots of information to share on the other branches
of William Ferguson's family.
   More importantly, I am looking for the children of my grandfather and
his first wife.  He was Leonidus Champion Ferguson (b. 1858 in Habersham
Co. GA) and she was Rosa Ashton Watson (b. 1874 in Lynchburg, Campbell
Co., VA).  They had several children. Some may be named Lula May, Lee,
James C., Eula Ashton, Minnie, Rosalie and Pearl.  I say "some may be
named" because my information comes from an old Bible that is hard to
read and their relationships to my grandparents are uncertain. I can
only guess that they were Champion's children. Some of these children
were born in Georgia and some in Cottonwood Falls, KS.
   I would appreciate any information about my grandfather's first wife,
Rosa Ashton Watson, and their children . My grandmother was Champion's
second wife, Emily Elizabeth Curls - married James Echols - then married
Champion in 1910. She had several children by Mr. Echols and then my
father, Walter Leonidus Ferguson and Robert Ferguson by Champion.
Again, any information is appreciated.  Thank you and I hope I can be an
asset to this mailing list.

Anne Ferguson
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 10:38:55 -0500

Dear Sandy,
   First of all I want to commend you on the great Ferguson page you
have created on the Web.  I am a member of Ferguson-L and am proud to
say, I ended up on your web page.  I was delighted to see that and
wanted to add my surname list on the lateral lines page.  Could you
please add me and the following surnames?


   BTW, I have accepted to take on the position of family genealogist
for the family of Champion Ferguson and Rachel Duckett.  Champion
(b.1813 KY) was the son of William Ferguson  b. 1764 in Amelia Co. VA.
William was married to Juda Wood.  So far we have 4,000 descendants of
William and Juda in a book that is about to be available for purchase to
family members.  The author, our present family genealogist, Allene
Barber, is about to go to press with it now.  I am taking the job over
from her and I plan to eventually put portions of the book on the web.
This is a plan for the future and I wanted to touch base with you to
introduce myself and possibly do some work with you on this family.  Is
there anything I can contribute that would be an asset to your page?  Do
you even accept this type of help? I don't know, as I am somewhat new to
the list and to your web page.  I DO know that you are doing a terrific
service to all Ferguson genealogists and that I love to wander around
your page and see what I can find.  Thank you for all the time and
probably money you have spent doing this for all of us.

Anne Ferguson

Dear Sandy,
   Thank you for your quick response.  Yes, I will announce the book to
the list. I must confer with the author one more time for an date of
availability.  I know that several of my cousins are on the Ferguson-L
list and probably more that I don't know about.

The folks I get concerned for are those who don't know who their
ancestors were past two or three generations.  They may be my cousins
but neither of us know it.  If they don't have a name that I can quickly
relate to, then I miss them entirely. I know that many of those who have
asked questions in the list are related to me but because they can't get
back past 1925 in MO, I can't recognize them as descendants of William
Ferguson, b. 1764, VA . Am I making any sense at all here?  (grin)

   The big mystery in our family is finding parents for our William.  I
know, with the wonderful tool of the internet, that someday soon we will
run into someone who is missing a William in their family and we will
have the right piece to complete their puzzle.  That is where you and
your web page come in.  Because of your efforts, we may one day be able
to place William and find out that we are related to another 20,000
Fergusons in the US.  What a great day that will be!!!!
   Thanks again for your quick response.


Dear Sandy,
  I doubt I will tire of your emails.  I am retired but am now a full
time student so I am unavailable on Tuesday (all day and night), Wedsday
night and Thurs till noon.  Otherwise, I am on the net most of the time
and looking for emails all the while.  Please write to me whenever you
get the urge.
   My Ferguson's are all over the place. I will give you a little
overview of my family. Oh, I am not familiar with the Burnett book of
which you speak.  I may have missed it, but I have not heard it spoken
of in my family.
  We are stuck on William Ferguson and can't get back past him yet so we
begin with him, OK?

   William Ferguson was born in Amelia Co VA in 1764. He fought in the
Rev. War. We have his pension records.  I think William may have been
married to an unknown woman before marrying our ancestor, Juda Wood.
William met a man named Belfield Wood during his time in the war. Later
he went home with Belfield to meet his daughter, Juda. In 1791, they
were married.  We don't know who Juda's mother was. Belfield was without
a spouse when William married Juda.  Belfield married Nancy Kidwell and
went to Pendleton District SC to live. William and Juda lived for a
short time in NC then went to Pendleton District to be with Belfield and
Nancy.   One son, Hugh Ferguson (known as Major), was born in NC in
1792. Then Juda had 7 more children born in SC.  They were as follows:
    Henry Wood Ferguson - b. 1793
    William W. Ferguson - b. 1792
    John Ferguson - b. 1797 or 1798
    Elizabeth Ferguson b. 1799
    James Hamilton Ferguson  b. 1802
    Belfield Wood Ferguson  b. 1804
    Elijah Ferguson (known as Col.) b. 1807

Now, we know that William and Juda moved to Cumberland Co. KY around
1813 because they appear in the 1820 census in KY.
   The next child to be born was Ellis Ferguson b. 1809 KY but the
family appears in the 1810 census in SC so we think that the family was
just visiting KY when Ellis was born. The curious part of the move to
Kentucky was that Cumberland Co. and Clinton Co KY were the same in
those days.  A family of Ferguson's lived in the area where William and
Juda took their family.  A famous or infamous member of that Kentucky
family was Captn. Champion Ferguson, well-known Confederate guerrilla.
Champ Ferguson was one of only two men hung for war crimes in the Civil
War.  We believe that Champ Ferguson's grandfather (Champion) and our
William were brothers. In a book called "Champ Ferguson, Confederate
Guerrilla", by Thurman Sensing,  he quotes Champ as saying his
grandfather's name was Champion.  So I think my William went to
Cumberland/Clinton County to be with family.
   I have the genealogy on this Ferguson clan as well as my own.  If you
can tell me your Kentucky links, I may be able to locate them in my
"Guerrilla Champ" file and books.
   Now this Guerrilla Champ is not really the bugger everyone said he
was back during the Civil War.  He was a farmer, not poor by any means,
before the war started.  He was married first to a woman named Ann Eliza
Smith.  I think he really loved her very much. She bore him a son in
1845 but two years later both mother and son died.  The following year
he married Martha Owen and in 1850 she gave birth to a daughter, Ann
Elizabeth (named for Champ's first wife).  Champ was known to do a few
things against the law in his time.  He was not above stealing cattle or
horses from other people.  He got into a scrap with a fellow near the
beginning of the war and ended up killing him.  For his punshment, he
was inducted into the Confederate Army.  His neighbors, all Union
sympathisers, decided to get revenge for his disloyalty to the Union.
Twelve of them went to Champ's home when he was away and stripped
Champ's wife and daughter of their clothing and forced Mrs. Ferguson to
cook a meal for them. After eating they marched Champ's wife and
daughter through the streets naked.  Upon his return, Champ, learned of
the ordeal and sworn to "get" the twelve men.  He stuck to his word and
eventually found all twelve of them and killed them savagely.  In many
cases, he was not content to kill just those who abused his family but
he would kill members of the offending party's family as well.  At war's
end, Champ was charged with killing 53 people.  Many more deaths were
laid on him but that was not true.  Champ served as a member of the
Confederate army for part of his time in the war.  He was a rebel in
every sense of the word.  He did not pay any attention to the rules of
war - he took no prisoners.  If he ran into a union soldier or
sympathizer, he mearly shot him because he said they would have killed
him if they got the chance.  At war's end, Champ was told that he could
turn himself in and be slapped on the writst and go about his business.
He turned himself in and was tried for war crimes.  He was hung at
Nashville and requested to be buried in Sparta, his home.  Some people
believe that the hanging was rigged and that Champ was dropped out under
the gallows to a waiting wagon and that his wife quickly took him to
Oklahoma where he started a new life.   One curious thing was that on
his tombstone, which is behind where his home had been before the
Yankees burned it, his name was spelled incorrectly by his wife -it was
spelled "Capt. C. Furguson" - he spelled his name Ferguson.   So no one
knows if he survived or not but I was particularly interested in this
story because my Grandfather and GG Grandfather were named Champion
Ferguson and my name is the same as Guerrilla Champ's daughter - Anne.
   Gee, I'm sorry for the diversion into the Civil War - please forgive
   Where was I?   OK, William and Juda visited their family in
Cumberland/Clinton County when Ellis (child #10) was born.  Next was a
daughter named M.A. born in 1810 in SC. We don't know her full name and
don't know much of anything about her except that she married a Davis.
   The remaining children were born in Kentucky.  They were Champion
Ferguson b. 1813 (my ancestor), Edward Hamilton Ferguson b. 1816, and
Andrew Jackson Ferguson b. 1820.
   By this time 1st born son, Hugh, is getting older.  He was 28 years
old when his youngest brother, Andrew, was born.  He married and had
started a family of his own by this time.
   News got out that land in North Georgia had been taken from the
Cherokee Indians and was available for homesteading.  A land lottery was
held for the lands and Rev. War veterans and family could put in to win
the land.  Hugh got this rolling for the family.  They won two pieces of
land in the lottery and moved to Habersham County, GA to reside in a
place called Mossy Creek.
   At this point, some of the family members are scattering around.
Some went back to Kentucky, some to Meigs Co. Tenn, some to Kansas, to
Oklahoma, Texas, California, MO.  They went all over.  Eventually, there
were only a few left in Georgia where they had won their lands in the
gold mining regions.
   So you see, it might be better if you give me some names and let me
see if I can connect them to any of my names.  There are so many names
that I couldn't begin to write them all for you but I would be glad to
help you eliminate my family from your possibilities. That is what I
have to do with most of my work - find out who we are NOT related to and
see what is left.  Backwards, right?
   Let me know which direction to look in for you - I have lots of
"Ferguson's I am Not Related To" files as well.  I would be glad to help
if I can. Tell me more about these Burnetts.  I would like to know what
there is on the Wood and Eubanks families.


Dear Sandy,   (Best to open this window up a bit when you get to the
parts below!)

   I am going through your site and I will tell you who is in my family
from your page.

In the Scotland page - Ist contributor - Email address says "Paul Deal"
but this is really Paul's wife, Joy Ferguson Deal. She is my cousin. She
descends from Champion Ferguson and Rachel Duckett.

In the Guest Book - Dill Ferguson is descended from Andrew Jackson
Ferguson, my Champion's brother.

In the Contributors list -
Johna - This is Johna Goade - lives in MO - might be a good contact for
you.  She is descended from William and Juda's first son, Hugh.

On the Ferguson-L list is Kathleen Eldridge who is descended from Edward
Ferguson and Selina Duckett.

I know there are others but I can't find them now. Will update this as
time goes on.

Do You Have This?

Ferguson Marriages in Bedford Co. VA




     Dec. 12, 1836; Jeremiah Furgerson, s Jesse & Nancy McBride; Obediah
McBride, Surety; Consent of
     Thomas McBride; Married by Abner Anthony, Dec. 13, 1836.
     Jan. 25, 1818; James Allen & Amelia Furguson; Married by John
     Feb. 26, 1772; John Fourqueran & Mary Guthry; George Callaway,
     Oct. 26, 1783; Josiah Aday & Martha Forgusson; Married by William
     Feb. 20, 1785; Jeremiah Forgerson & Jemima Phelps; Married by
William Johnson.
     Oct. 6, 1785; Pleasant Ferguson & Nancy Phelps, dt John; John
Ferguson, Surety.
     Mar. 7, 1787; William Ferguson & Elizabeth Brown, dt William;
Jeremiah Ferguson, Surety.
     Dec. 30, 1794; Robert Hawkins & Nancy Forqueran; John Forqueran,
Surety; Married by Jeremiah Hatcher,
     Dec. 30, 1794.
     Mar. 14, 1805; Stephen Semones, s John and Mary & Polly Forguson,
dt Jeremiah and Jemimah; John Bird,
     Dec. 7, 1805; John Ferguson & Polly Phelps; John Phelps, Surety;
Married by John Ayers, Dec. 19, 1805.
     Feb. 6, 1807; Archibald Ferguson & Fanny Hix, dt Farthing; Daniel
Field, Surety.
     Jan. 18, 1808; Jesse Abston, Jr. & Polly Forqueran, dt John; John
Hylton, Surety; Married by James H. L.
     Moorman, Jan. 21, 1808.
     Sep. 18, 1809; Caleb Ferguson & Willey Marshall; Alexander
Marshall, Surety; Consent of John Ferguson;
     Married by Wm. Leftwich, Sept. 21, 1809.
     Sep. 21, 1809; Charles Forqueron & Milly Marshal; Married by
William Leftwich.
     Nov. 28, 1809; William Forqueron & Susanna Miller; Corbin Lewis,
     Jun. 8, 1812; George Ferguson & Pamela Hughes; David Hughes,
     Dec. 3, 1813; Elijah Hatcher & Nancy Ferguson; Jeremiah Ferguson,
Surety; Married by John Ayers, Dec.
     6, 1813.
     Jul. 19, 1814; Jesse Forguson & Elizabeth Hatcher; Jeremiah
Forguson, Surety; Married by Luke Bird, July,
     May 10, 1815; Jeremiah Forguson & Judy Johnson; Martin Johnson,
Surety; Married by John Ayers, May
     14, 1815.
     Jan. 28, 1816; Daniel Ferguson & Anny Hipinstall; Married by John
     Jan. 2, 1817; Henry Forqueron & Susanna Gaddy, dt Batt; Josiah
Carter, Surety.
     Jan. 5, 1817; Henry Foguson & Susannah Gaddy; Married by Frederick
     Dec. 2, 1819; Josiah Ferguson & Sally Booth; Married by John Ayers.

     Dec. 3, 1822; John H. Ferguson, s Joseph & Lucy Brown; Henry F.
Tate, Surety; Married by William
     Leftwich, Dec. 4, 1822.
     Aug. 8, 1825; John Ferguson & Sophia Hippinstall; Married by John
     Sep. 14, 1825; Thomas Ferguson & Cinthia Snider; Robert Phelps,
Surety; Married by John Ayers, Sept. 22,
     Jul. 10, 1826; Richard Ferguson & Phoebe Payne; James Payne,
     Dec. 8, 1835; Charles McBride & Sarah Ferguson, dt Jessie;
Valentine Leftwich, Surety; Married by Abner
     Anthony, Dec. 10, 1835.
     Jun. 4, 1839; Samuel Ferguson & Julia Christian; Alfred F.
Ferguson, Surety.
     Sep. 10, 1842; William J. Crank & Sejus Ferqueran, dt Henry;
Winston Tankesly, Surety.
     Nov. 21, 1842; Alfred A. Ferguson & Susan S. Eubank, dt Joseph;
Joseph Eubank, Surety.
     Jul. 18, 1845; Littleberry Ferguson & Mary Jane Monroe; Married by
James Wood.
     Jul. 18, 1845; Littleberry Forqueron & Mary Jane Monroe; James C.
Howard, Surety.
     Dec. 9, 1850; James L. Crank & Susan L. Forqueran, dt Henry; James
H. Ellis, Surety; Married by O. A.
     Kinsolvin, Dec. 11, 1850.
     Dec. 20, 1850; David Ferguson & Celia Ann Bunderant, dt James;
Danl. Aunspaugh, Surety; Married by
     Jacob D. Mitchell, Dec. 21, 1850.

I can't remember where I got it but it was on the web. (Maybe I got it
from you! (grin) me memory fails me.) Or else I got it from the Bedford
Co VA page of GenWeb.

Below is something I put together myself from odd bits I have found:

Other Early Fergusons

William Ferguson and Sarah Stokes

William Ferguson and Ann Piper m. 1789, Faquier Co. VA

William Ferguson and Tilly Carrell m. June 18, 1783 in Southhampton

William Ferguson of PA - Capt Lt. 4th Contenental Artillary, killed  04
Nov. 1791
                                                 near Ft. Recovery Ohio
by Indians

Samuel Ferguson and Elizabeth Cumberland  - child: Margaret Ferguson

Nancy Ferguson and William Adair
     Child:  Margaret Adair b dec 1802, Sevier, TN married Wiley King b.
1800 S.C.

Hugh Furguson and Margaret Craig -
         Child: Elizabeth Furguson and Wm Gay  m. Nov 6, 1822, Blount
Co. TN
                  Child: Mary Gay
                  Child: Hugh Gay

Delphi Ferguson and Samuel Jones m. Nov. 24, 1785 in Amelia Co. VA

Mary Ferguson and Thomas Lawrence m. 09 Nov 1692  in NYC

Bathia Ferguson and Josiah Hunt Jr. m. 20 Dec 1697 in New York

John Furguson was a pioneer settler in Prince Edward Co. Va. prior to
the forming of
                         Amelia Co. in 1753. Date of his land purchase:
30 July, 1742, 780 acres
                         located at Evans Creek.

Fergusons in Virginia in 1704: (from Quit Rents of Virginia 1704 by
Annie Smith 1977):
Farguson, James - King and Queens Co. - 300 acres
Ferguson, John - Essex Co. - 150 acres
Ferguson, Robert - Henrico Co. - 230 acres
Ferguson, Thomas - Norfolk Co. - 100 acres
fforgeson, William - New Kent Co. - 100 acres
Forgeson, John - York Co - 200 acres
Forginson, Widdo - Petso-Gloucester Co - 150 acres
Forginson, Adam - Princess Anne Co. - 120 acres
Furgison, Thomas - Norfolk Co. - 100 acres

Fergusons in Va. Land Grand Surveys 1761-1791
 Forguson, Henry p. 33 book 0-1 1763, Waters of the Roanoke
 Forguson, Thomas p. 139 Book 0-1 92 acres Roanoke River 1768

Early VA Immigrants 1623-1666 by George Greer pub. in 1912
 Fargason, Thomas, 1639 brought over by Wm. Barker, Charles City County
 Forgeson, Patrick, 1652, brought by Thomas Curtis

Bedford Co VA Wills - 1754-1787:
 Farguson, John - will dated Mar 24 1786. Wife named Mary. Gave 250
acres to
             Jery, Pleasant and William Farguson equally. Sons named
Issom and King.

 Ferguson, Alexander was executor of Mildred parker's will p 16 Was
             appraiser as well.

 Ferguson, Moses - mentioned as benefactor in will of L. Franklin.

Don't know if any of this is of help to you.


From: Anne Ferguson 
Subject: [Ferguson-L] Another John Wesley Ferguson
Dear Joyce,
   I may have already corresponded with you on this in the past. I
found another John Wesley Ferguson in my files.  He was born 11 Oct
1855 in AR and died 12 Jan 1928. His wife was named Cynthia Robertson
and her parents were J.B. and Matilda Robertson.  This John Wesley was
the son of William Leyton Ferguson b. 1819 in TN .  Let me know if he
belongs to you as I have more family info for you.
Anne Ferguson
From: Anne Ferguson 
Subject: [Ferguson-L] Ferguson/DUCKETT BOOK AVAILABLE
Dear Folks on the List,
   I just wanted to let you know that the newest edition of the
Ferguson/Duckett Family History Book is available for purchase from my
Ferguson ( b. 1764 VA) and JUDA WOOD'S son, CHAMPION Ferguson and his
wife, RACHEL DUCKETT.  It includes much about William Ferguson and his
other children, as well. This is a large book (over 400 pages), nicely
bound and has lots of photos and copies of documents.  If you are
related to William and Juda Ferguson or their son, Champion and his wife
Rachel, this book is invaluable as a research tool.  There is also loads
of information on the Duckett family going back to Richard Duckett,
emigrant from England.  For further information, please contact Allene
Barber at  or contact me to see if your family is
connected to the family of William and Juda.  BTW, once these books are
sold (not that many left), they will not be reprinted for several more
Anne Ferguson
Dear List Members,
   I am sorry to say I made an error in my post regarding Allene
Barber's Ferguson/Duckett Family History Book.  I gave the wrong email
address for her and several people have had a problem getting in touch
with her.  
Anne Ferguson
From: Anne Ferguson 
Subject: [Ferguson-L] John Ferguson
Dear Sandy and Friends,
   Surprise!  I, too, have some John Fegusons - like everyone else on
this list. I actually have 24 John Fergusons in all. I will tell you
about my oldest John and then list the names of the other Johns in our
family.  Anyone seeking more information about any name on the list is
welcome to email me for more details.
   My first John was born in 1797 in South Carolina, the son of William
Ferguson and Juda Wood.  We know very little about him except that he
was married to a woman named Mahala who was b. 1805.  They had a
daughter named Mary Ferguson, b. 1828 in KY. She married Wm. Groom, b.
1823 in SC.  Mary and Wm. had two children, Louisa Groom b. 1847 KY and
Mahala Groom b. 1850 KY.  John and Mahala appear in the 1850 Clinton Co.
KY census when he was 53 years old.  If anyone has additional
information on this John Ferguson, I would appreciate receiving it.
   The other Johns in the family of William Ferguson and Juda Wood:  I
give first and middle name or initial - all surnames are Ferguson
Alexander                                                    John Henry
C.                                                                John
        John C. -  son of James Hamilton Ferguson        John Nathan
        John C.
Jr.                                                           John R.
S.- son of Belfield  Ferguson
Davis                                                          John  -
son of Ford Ferguson
        John F.
(1941)                                                    John Shadrack
Franklin                                                      John
H.                                                               John W.
        John H.
(1871)                                                    John Wesley
        John Hamilton
        John Henderson
   Well, that's all the John Fergusons I have.
   Happy Hunting - Anne
From: Anne Ferguson 
Subject: [Ferguson-L] John Wesley Ferguson
Dear Joyce and others,
   I have two John W. Fergusons.  I don't know what the middle names
are but I thought I'd send this along and you could see if they match
with your John Wesley.
#1 - John W. Ferguson - b. c1851 in AR, married in TX to Bonny
Unknown. He was the son of Henry Wood Ferguson.
#2 - John W. Ferguson - b. 25 Jan 1840 most likely born in GA. He was
the son of Champion Ferguson and Rachel Duckett.
Anne Ferguson
From: Anne Ferguson 

Subject: [Ferguson-L] Littleton Ferguson
   I have a Littleton Ferguson b. 1874 in White Co. GA. He was the son
of John Henry Giles Ferguson and Margaret Fain Haynes. Littleton
married in 1896 to a woman named Lillian.  They lived in Banks Co. GA
in 1900.  Could this be your Littleton Ferguson?
Anne Ferguson