From: Angus Ferguson

I'm looking for connections with the families of:

John FERGUSON, b. 1806 Calton, Glasgow
Archibald FERGUSON, b. circa 1809, Glasgow
Janet (Jessie) Brown FERGUSON 1816, Glasgow.

Their parents were, John FERGUSON b. Circa 1774, a blacksmith probably from
Rutherglen and Judith HOLMES from Norfolk, England.

Later, the children of John FERGUSON (boilermaker), b. 1806:

John FERGUSON (marine engineer), b. 1834, Anderston, Glasgow.
Christina Selkirk FERGUSON, b. circa 1842, Ireland (probably adopted).
James Mitchell FERGUSON (marine engineer), b. Anderston, Glasgow, 1843.
Thomas Murray FERGUSON (boilermaker), b. circa 1848, Armagh, Ireland
(probably adopted).

Some key children of the above:

John Archibald Russell FERGUSON (marine engineer), b. Greenock,
Renfrewshire, 1856.
James Mitchell FERGUSON, b. 1880, Calcutta, India.
Robert Heaton FERGUSON (marine engineer, Royal Indian Marine), b. 1884,
Calcutta, India.

Some key children of John Archibald Russell FERGUSON:

John William FERGUSON, b. 1888, Calcutta, India.
James Archibald Jones FERGUSON (illegitimate or adopted), b. 1872, Calcutta,
Edwin Thomas FERGUSON (illegitimate), b. 1874, Calcutta, India.
Christina Selkirk FERGUSON, (illegitimate or adopted), b. 1876, Calcutta,
Archibald Russell FERGUSON, (illegitimate or adopted), b. 1878, Calcutta,

Angus Ferguson, England, UK.