My tree so far begins....

JOHN Ferguson  married MARY MALCOLM.  birth, marriage, death ..unknown
        I know of one of their children:  SAMUEL Ferguson b. abt 1855 NIR
SAMUEL married ELIZABETH HOTCHKIES 06 June 1879 Coatbridge, Lanark, SCT
        Samuel died 18 Feb. 1923, Larkhall, Lanark, SCT.

>From Coatbridge my direct line travels to USA > India> USA > Canada > USA
My grandfather's siblings moved to Buffalo and NYcity, NY; New Jersey, and
others way down under in Australia.  (Sydney and Melbourne)

Andrea Ferguson Wilson
Sugartown, Louisiana, USA

From: "Andrea Ferguson Wilson" 

My Ferguson's come from Lanarkshire, Scotland and Belfast area of NIR.

I don't see many messages from those with family over in Scotland or NIR.

Best wishes,

Andrea A. Ferguson
(previously Andrea Ferguson Wilson)