Hi All, 
   Here is my family line. I'm hoping that someone can connect to it that has
more information than I have.
John Ferguson moved from Kentucky to Kaskasia Territory Ill. in 1807 He later
moved on to Missouri and then on to Texas. He had:
1.Isaac     died when 70 while fighting in Mexican War moved to Tx in 1841
2.Daughter   who married   John Warrick  made all the moves with the family
3.John   moved to Missouri 1830, Tx 1833 or 34 had son Warrick
4. Absalom  fought in Mexican War
5. Alston  moved to Missouri 1830, Tx 1833 or 34 fought in Mexican War
6. Elijah
8.William moved to Missouri by 1830 settled in St Louis area unknown if he
went to Tx. 
9. Joseph Ferguson died abt 1839  prob. harrison County, Tx.married #1
Susannah Smeltzer who died before 1813. no children. This was the first
marriage preformed in the Kaskasia Territory, Ill. married #2 1813 Jane Gragg
born 1798 dau of Jacob Gragg
Their 11 children were: 
1.John    married 9-27-1849 to Ann Greer
3.Alston J.   married 12-22-1847 to Sarah Caroline Smith
4. Rebecca  married #1  Sorrels, #2 10-21-1849 Abraham Myrick
5. Jonathan Pugh  fought in Mexican War.
6.Mary  married #1 7-5-1849 William Preston Burnett, #2 Nace G. W. Meeks
7.Isaac Ferguson born 12-6-182__ died 1862 Hopkinsville, Ky of Black Measles
married 2-11-1847 to Mary Margaret McAdams born 7-9-1826. In 1866 Mary wed
Joshua T. Jones in Grayson County, Tx
8. Joseph F.  married 7-2-1851 Elizabeth Ford
9. William Marion born 1827 prob Missouri was with Martha born abt 1828
Missouri She was 1/2German 1/2Cherokee. They had ?10? children:
 A.) James Wesley 10-22-1848-Sparks, Ok.1911,  married #1 Lucinda Davis 4
   1.Mary Ann, 2. Eveline, 3. James, 4. Rachel died as teenager
B.)William Riley1849-1899,
 C.) Monroe abt. 1850,
D.) Charles N. abt 1869,
E.) Sarah R. 1856,
F.) John abt 1852, 
G.)Amos abt 1853,
H.) Frances Marion 1857-1945,
I.) Coleman 1858,
J.) Richard B. abt 1861
10 James McLean born in Tx.  married 5-30-1869 Kaufman Co.Tx Mary Virginia
11. Jane Candace married born in Tx. #1 2-25-1855 William Freeman, #2 her 1st
cousin Justice D. Ferguson