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1st generation - Thomas H Ferguson married Susan Dailey/Daly from Limestone
Co, AL
2nd generation - Albert R Ferguson married Rebecca Price from Limestone Co,
AL to Desoto now Tate Co, MS.
3rd generation - Robert  Ferguson married Eliza Duty from Desoto now Tate
Co, MS
4th generation - Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ferguson married Frederick Mortimer
Embrey in Tate Co, MS.

Do you know if this Robert Ferguson is related to Albert Ferguson that was
also in Desoto now Tate County, MS? Albert Ferguson died in 1860 in the area
of Desoto Co that became Tate in 1873.

Albert Ferguson married Rebecca Price in Limestone Co, AL prior to going to

I have been wondering for sometime if there was a connection to the two

Syble Embrey
Tate Co, MS