"From: ""Maurice and JoAnn Dirks""
Subject: David Ferguson buried at or near Great Bend Kansas.
David Ferguson died probably early 1930's. Buried at of near
"Great Bend, KS. Three sons were named John and Clyde and"
Frank. Unknown whether he had more children. Son John married
Monte (of Monta) West of Lane Co. KS.

From: Maurice and JoAnn Dirks <mjdi@pld.com>
David Ferguson had a son John James Ferguson born
March 18, 1880. Could this help in anyway?
Scott City, KS 67871
From: Maurice and JoAnn Dirks
Subject: David Ferguson buried near on in Great Bend KS---father of John James who was born in 1880.
this is a supplement to a recent inquiry I sent out
in regards to a David Ferguson buried near Great Bend Ks. He had three
sons I know of Clyde, Harry and John James, who married a Monta West in Lane Co.
Ks. John James was born March 18, 1880.
Sorry about that-----the other son of David
Ferguson was Frank not Harry. But seems to me I've heard the name
Harry. He may have been a brother of David. This is so
frustrating. Can't seem to find anything about my father's side of the
family. My grandfather John James Ferguson died in 1970, and I wasn't
interested in geneology at that time. Now my father has alzheimers disease
and he's no help at all. The only uncle isn't good on memory either.
Thanks for anything you can find.