From: "Carol H. DeVine" 

Recently was surfing the web and found census info. from the 1860 census
conducted in the Town of Seneca, Ontario Co., NY.  Perhaps it will prove
useful to someone.

On page 24:
Ferguson, Abby

On page 210:
Ferguson, Chauncey
Ferguson, Sarah C.

On page 209:
Ferguson, Emily
Ferguson, Everard D.
Ferguson, George
Ferguson, Josephine
Ferguson, Mary J.
Ferguson, Sarah C.
Ferguson, Smith

On page 85:
Ferguson, Jessie E.
Ferguson, Sarah C.

If interested, you may wish to go to website
"" for further information.  The site is
managed by people at the humane society in Canandaigua, NY, and provides
access to much other info. from the local region.

Carol DeVine, California, 9/29/98