From: harold demone
Subject: Re: [ROBERT Ferguson] Sat, Aug 16, 2003
Hi, mine is Robert Ferguson, born in Scotland ca. 1815-1835, married
Margaret C. Conwell, also from Scotland, settled in and around Pakenham,
Ontario, Canada. Need help. Thanks, Harold Demone

Subject: Re: [Ferguson] Something to consider...
For your Canadian Ferguson marriage list (I could not find the below on your list which I downloaded this week): Robert Ferguson (Scotland) and Margaret C. Conceal (Scotland.) No dates of birth or marriage or place of marriage. They were my great grandparents.
Their daughter Ellen Ferguson, my great grandmother (born 2/23/1854, Pakenham, Ontario Canada, died 2/12/1940, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada married Henry Timlick, 7/24/1875 in Pakenham, Ontario, Presbyterian Church. Henry died just short of his 107th birthday and of course I have lots of information on that family, if you so desire.
Thank you for your fine work. Harold W. Demone,