From: dandavid 
Hello Ferguson people, 
Looking for leads on Olympus Ferguson
Allie Fondren came from Mississippi and 
I am not sure when or how she met Olympus

Descendents of Olympus Ferguson
        born 04/15/1850
        died 11/03/1897 Stockdale, Texas
        married Allie Fondren

Children of Olympus and Allie
        1. Walter Rivers "Uncle Witty" Ferguson
                born 05/31/1875 Stockdale, Texas
                died 02/24/1945 Houston
        2. Lucille Ferguson
                born 08/17/1877
                died 08/04/1900 Stockdale, Texas
        3. Charlie Leondrus Ferguson
                born 07/12/1886 Luling, Texas
                died 04/23/1963 San Angelo, Texas
        4. Elizabeth Ferguson
                born 04/29/1888 Stockdale, Texas
                died 11/24/1970
                 1. Jim Bodenhammer 
                 2. Will Pentecost
        5. Edith Dee Ferguson
                born 04/15/1894
                died 02/14/1986
                married Rufus Johnson
        6. Glendola "Glennie" Ferguson
        7. William Ferguson
                born Stockdale, Texas
        8. Edward Ferguson
                born  Stockdale, Texas
                died  Stockdale, Texas

More on Charlie Leondrus Ferguson
        married 1907 Mary Etta Harrison in Rockwood, Texas
        daughter of John Harrison and Mary Liddell

Children of Charlie and Mary Etta
        1. Vera D. Ferguson
                born 01/28/1908 Rockwood, Texas 
        2. Lester Leon Ferguson
                born 01/21/1910 Rockwood, Texas
                died 10/18/1963
        3. Allie Estaleen Ferguson
                born 01/14/1913 Coleman, Texas
        4. Garland Rivers Ferguson
                born 05/05/1916 Winters, Texas
                died 1977 Tennessee
        5. Leatha Elgean Ferguson
                born 12/09/1918 Rockwood, Texas
                died 01/28/1919 Rockwood, Texas
        6. Charles Harrison Ferguson
                born 05/25/1924 Lipan Flats, Texas

More on Allie Estaleen Ferguson would be my grandmother
she married George Truett Steward in Sonora, Texas
My mother, Lillie Maureen Steward was born 11/20/1997 in San Angelo,
She married Richard Alvin Davidson 06/09/1952
I was born on 05/04/1959

My Name is Daniel Steward Davidson

Thank You for your assistance