Catherine “Caty” GILMORE and William FERGUSON, my 4th g-grandparents, were married 28 Oct 1793 in Albemarle Co., VA.  Their marriage is the first item I can find for William.  Caty was born 9 Mar 1773 in Albemarle Co. to Frances “Franky” EUBANK and Joseph GILMORE.

From Albemarle Co. Marriages, 1780-1853 by Vogt and Kethley:

William FERGUSON and Caty Gilmore, 28 Oct 1793; spinster, bondsman- John Weatherred, [Rec. of Marriage Bonds, 1780-1806]; daughter of Joseph Gilmore, who gives his consent, witnesses: Isham Davis and John Weatherred; [Bonds and Consent Papers, 1793-1798].



Know all men by these presents that we William Foggerson & John Weatherred are held and firmly bound unto Henry Lace Esquire Governor or chief magistrate of Virginia & his successors in the final sum of fifty pounds, to which payment will and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs etc firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this 28th day of October one thousand seven hundred & ninety three.

The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage suddenly intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound William Feggerson & Caty Gilmore, spinster, and if there be no lawful cause or impediment to obstruct the said marriage, then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.

Teste       William Farguson           Seal
            John Weatherred            Seal

I believe William had a brother named Daniel FERGUSON who married Elizabeth Thomas (daughter of Mary JOPLING and Ralph THOMAS) 29 Oct 1799 in Albemarle Co., VA.  Daniel FERGUSON witnessed the marriage of Catherine’s sister, Frances GILMORE, to Thomas MEADOR 14 Nov 1797 in Albemarle Co., VA.

I also believe William FERGUSON and his family probably lived near the Gilmores in Albemarle Co., VA, which was on the South Fork of the Hardware River in southern Albemarle Co.  One of the Gilmore girls (also one of my ancestors) married into the Suddarth family and the Suddarths lived on the south fork of the Hardware between the Cross Roads and Covesville.  The 1800 Albemarle Co., VA St. Anne Tax List, which was the southern part of Albemarle Co., shows:

Daniel FERGUSON       1-2-1-0;        [white male, 2 horses, 1 slave > 16]

William FERGUSON      1-1-0-0;       [white male with horse]  James Lewis District

The following is from the Albemarle Co., VA County Clerk’s office, and I believe this is my William and his brother, Daniel:

Personal Property Mortgage from Daniel FERGUSON to William FERGUSON, Albemarle Co., VA Deed Book 13, Page 294, 1800.

Know all men by these presents that I Daniel FERGUSON of the County of Albemarle for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred Dollars from me due to William FERGUSON of the same County have bargained and Sold and by these presents do bargain and Sell unto the said William FERGUSON one Sorrel horse about ten years old and a bay mare about six years old, also four head of black Cattle fifteen head of hogs; and one Cupboard, two tables and six chairs.  To have and to hold the aforesaid goods and Chattles unto the Said William FERGUSON his heirs executors administrators and assigns for ever Provided always that if the said Daniel FERGUSON shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid to the said William FERGUSON the sum of two hundred Dollars on Demand, then these presents shall cease and be void else Shall be and remain in full force.  Witness my hand and Seal this 7th day of April 1800.

Daniel FERGUSON {Seal}

Wm. Hening?????
Joseph Mills (or Wills)

At Albemarle April Court 1800  This deed Mortgage was acknowledged by Daniel FERGUSON Party thereto and ordered to be recorded.

John Nicholas CAC


I have a copy of a newspaper article about the 60th wedding celebration of Catherine and William’s youngest child, Cary Ann FERGUSON, and Andrew Jackson RICHEY, written in 1893-1894, and it states that both of her parents were natives of Albemarle Co., VA.  According to the obituary of their daughter, Frances Fannie FERGUSON SPILMAN, they left Albemarle Co. about 1807 and moved to Sumner Co., TN, and then about 1810 moved to Barren/Allen Co., KY.  The 1810 Barren Co., KY census lists Caty FERGUSON as the head of household, but it shows there was a male over 45 in the household.  Perhaps this was William and he had died prior to the time the census taker came by.  1810 Barren Co., KY Tax List shows William FERGUSON, living on Walnut Creek, and it shows he had 1 male over 21, no males over 16, with 3 horses.  Catherine is listed for 1811-1814 on Walnut Creek, so apparently he died some time between 1810 and 1811.  The area where the FERGUSONs settled in Barren Co. became Allen Co. in 1815.

William died before 22 May 1815, as his daughter's, Elizabeth, marriage records state consent of mother, Catherine, wife of William FERGUSON (Deceased).  Also, on Page 139, Apr 1817, Barren Co. Court Orders, Obediah FERGUSON, orphan of William FERGUSON, deceased, came into court and made choice of Benjamin Bailey his guardian who entered into bond in the sum of $40 conditioned as the law directs.

Page 140:  On motion of Benjamin Bailey, guardian of Obediah FERGUSON, orphan of William FERGUSON deceased, it is ordered that the clerk of this court do bind the said Obediah FERGUSON to Samuel Jordin to learn the trade art or business of a brick layer until he arrive to 21, he now being 17 years old.

Oct County Court 1817:  Page 154:  Indenture of Apprenticeship binding Obediah FERGUSON to Samuel Jordan being acknowledged by said Jordan and approved by the court was ordered to be recorded.

I have the following deed:

Deed book D, Allen Co., KY, page 273 from Augustine Clayton to Benjamin Bailey.  Page 273, from Augustine Clayton to Catharine Furgasen.

Pg 273-274 This Indenture made this 12th day of January ... 1830 between AUGUSTINE CLAYTON of the county of Warren and state of Kentucky of the one part and BENJAMIN BAILEY and CATHARINE BAILEY his wife late CATHARINE FURGASEIN widow and relick of WILLIAM FERGASEN decd of the county of Allen and state aforesaid of the other part .... in consideration of $170 .... by the said WILLIAM FURGERSEN in his life time and by the said CATHARINE before her intermarriage with the said BENJAMIN BAILEY .... sell unto the said BENJAMIN BAILEY and CATHARINE his wife .... parcel of land .. being in the county of Allen on the waters of Tramel(?) creek and bounded .... corner of JAMES BROWN 800 acre survey ... line of 200 acre survey in the name of JOSHUE HODGES .... containing 60 acres .... Wit: W. THOMAS, HAIDEN THOMAS Signed: A. CLAYTON, CATY (x her mark) CLAYTON ...

Catherine and William had the following children; there may have been others, but these are the only ones I have found:

Frances G. “Fannie” FERGUSON born 30 Jun 1798, Albemarle Co., VA.
Elizabeth FERGUSON born 1798, Albemarle Co., VA.
Obadiah FERGUSON born 4 Jul 1800, Albemarle Co., VA.
Catherine FERGUSON born 2 Mar 1805, Albemarle Co., VA.
William G. FERGUSON born 1807, Sumner Co., TN.
Cary Ann FERGUSON born 10 Apr 1812, Barren (later Allen) Co., KY.

I have recently been told that Robert FERGUSON born 9 Jan 1800, who moved to Crawford Co., MO may have been their son, but I am not sure about this.

Catherine Gilmore FERGUSON married Benjamin BAILEY, a local Baptist Minister, 3 Nov 1815 in Barren Co., KY.  They had a daughter, Nancy Bailey, born 11 Sep 1816 in Allen Co., KY.  Catherine was living with her daughter and son-in-law, Cary Ann and Andrew J. RICHEY, when the 1870 Allen Co., KY census was taken.  She was shown as Catherine Bailey, 99, female, born VA.  I believe she died about this time.  They were members of the Hopewell Baptist Church in Allen Co., and church records show she was removed from the list of members around 1870 because she died.

Their children married in Allen Co., KY:

1.  Frances Fannie FERGUSON married Thomas SPILMAN (my 3rd g-grandparents) 18 Nov 1817.
2.  Elizabeth FERGUSON married John W. Merritt, 22 May 1815 in Barren Co., KY, and after he died, she married James Richey, 11 Mar 1841 in Allen Co.
3.  Obadiah FERGUSON married Lucinda COLLINS 7 Nov 1826.
4.  Catherine FERGUSON married Robert DURHAM 20 Jun 1826.
5.  Rev. William G. FERGUSON married Elizabeth ATWOOD 27 Oct 1829.
6.  Carey Ann FERGUSON married Andrew Jackson Richey 27 Dec 1833.

Elizabeth, William G., and Obadiah FERGUSON moved to Crawford Co., MO.  Obadiah got there before 1840 and William G. moved around 1855.  Fannie and Thomas SPILMAN moved to Hickory Co., MO around 1850.  Carey Ann and Catherine stayed in Allen Co.  Obadiah was a brick mason and William G. was a minister.  I have lots of information on the descendants (and ancestors) of these folks and will be happy to share all of it.

I don’t know why my 3rd g-grandmother’s obituary appeared in the Tennessee Baptist.  It might be because bother her brother, William G. FERGUSON, and her son, William FERGUSON Spillman, were Baptist ministers.  Also, her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Ann WISEMAN, was the daughter of Mildred B. WEATHERRED and Rev. Jonathan WISEMAN, also a Baptist minister, of Sumner Co., TN.  Here is the obituary of Frances G. Spilman, Tennessee Baptist, May 21, 1859 - Frances G. Spilman

Died in Hickory County, MO February 22, 1859 of liver complaint, Frances G. Spilman, daughter of William and Catherine FERGUSON and consort of Thomas Spilman, aged about sixty-one years.  Sister Spilman was born in Albemarle County Virginia, June 30, 1778, [NOTE:  printed text says 1778 but it should be 1798] removed to Sumner County Tennessee in 1807 and to Warren Co. (now Allen), KY in 1810, married November 23, 1817, united with the Bethlehem Church of United Baptists in February 1818, emigrated to MO in the fall of 1853, and shortly after united with the Pleasant Grove Church the United Baptists, of which she remained a member until her death.

The subject of this notice was confined to her bed and house for upward of two years.  She was nearly reduced to a skeleton and was the subject of much suffering, yet she bore it with Christian fortitude.  She has a left a husband, and children, and many friends to mourn their loss in her death, but we believe that their loss is her gain.  She was exemplary in the different vocations of her life, as wife, mother, neighbor, and Church member.  “Be thou faithful unto death, and thou shalt receive a crown of life.”

Jas. T. Wheeler (Name not completely clear)

Below is the newspaper article about the 60th wedding anniversary of Cary FERGUSON and Andrew Richey:

WEDDED OVER SIXTY YEARS - The Remarkable Conjugal Record of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson Richey

Born, Reared and Married In Allen County, KY -  The Devoted Wife Long An Invalid, But Still Happy

(Corresponcence of the Courier-Journal)  Scottsville, KY May 26, --- This city is the home of a couple who have lived together as husband and wife probably longer than any other in Kentucky.  They are Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Richey, who recently celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of their wedding.

Andrew Jackson Richey, farmer and ex-Sheriff of Allen County, was born in this county near Walnut Creek, January 17, 1813.  His father, who called himself a “Tuckahoe,” was James Richey; his mother, a woman of German descent, was Jennie Levi both natives of North Carolina.  She died at the age of seventy years and was buried near Pageville, Barren County.  He died at something over eighty years of age in Missouri, whence he had moved after his wife's death.

Mr. Richey had one sister, Frances, who married Reuben Kinslow, of Barren County, where she died some ten years ago, and three brothers, Solomon Levi, who died in Allen County in 1888, William, who died in Allen County in 1892, and James Harrison Richey, now living in Arkansas and about seventy-two years of age.  They are a long lived family, the brothers who died having each attained the ripe old age of eighty-two years.

On the 31st day of December, 1833, Andrew Jackson Richey was married to Miss Cary Ann Fergueson, the Rev. Zachary Emmerson, a Baptist minister of Barren County, officiating, and on the last day of last year this happily-mated pair celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of their wedding.

Mrs. Richey was a daughter of William Fergueson and Catharine Gillmore Fergueson, both natives of Albemarle County, VA.  She was born April 10, 1812, in the same neighborhood in which occurred the birth of her husband.  She received her education at home and in the subscription schools of her locality.  Until the failure of her health, she was a splendid housekeeper, and as such was faithful, unobtrusive and heroic in the discharge of her duties.  And many were those, in the years now gone, who enjoyed the old-time Kentucky hospitality of her fireside and table.  But suffering from nervous prostration she has been an invalid for nearly fifty years and confined to bed, not able to sit up or walk during the last twenty-six years.

Mr. Richey has a thorough knowledge of men and business, though his education is limited.  During his boyhood and youth he attended several private schools, but for short intervals only.   The first school he attended was taught by Nathan Y. Cosby in 1825.  Mr. Cosby was addicted to the intemperate use of whiskey, in fact got drunk nearly every day, and whipped the boys in school two or three times per day, using a beech limb.  To this young Richey became so averse that he asked his mother to let him stay at home and help her spin wool rolls.  She consented and he spun at the old-fashioned spinning wheel at the rate of seven outs per day for several weeks.  He afterward went to school to John Ashley, Bob Gibson and William Fergueson, who are remembered as teachers in Allen County fifty to seventy years ago.

Up to twenty-six years ago, when he moved with his family to Scottsville, Mr. Richey's life was spent on a farm four miles north of that place, and during the time he held several positions of trust and importance.  In 1864 he was elected Coroner for his county, and filled the position four years.  During the term he held but one inquest, which was over the dead body of Mrs. Uriah Porter, a most estimable lady, whose throat was cut by the negro boy Jack Porter in 1858.  Upon the evidence elicited Jack was tried and hanged in 1859.  In 1867 he was chosen Constable of Scottsville district and served as such four years.  After that he was Deputy Sheriff under James T. Stark during his term and then held the office himself for two years, being appointed one year by County Judge Ben. P. Wilson, and the next year by Judge J. D. Gilliam.  He is a Master Mason of twenty-four years' standing, and was Treasurer of his lodge for eleven years and until he declined to hold the position longer on account of failing health.

Politically Mr. Richey is a Jackson Democrat and always voted the Democratic ticket, except, he says, he makes it a rule to vote for no man who gets drunk.  He has always been a man of the strictest economy, prompt to pay and always able to pay.  He had been a member of the Baptist Church for fifty-five years and a deacon for forty-two years.  His wife has never been a member of any church, but he says she is decidedly the best Christian of the two.

Mr. and Mrs. Richey have three living children and twenty grandchildren.  Their children are: Rev. T. E. Richey, of Princeton, KY, the author of several excellent religious books, editor of a paper and a minister of note, Mrs. Eliza Spillman, wife of Virgil Spillman, of Dallas County, Texas, and Mrs. Alice H. Tucker, wife of L. K. Tucker, of Gainsville, KY.

When Mr. Richey was a boy there were no buggies in Allen County, only a few ox-carts and four wagons.  The fortunate owners of the wagons were Mr. Richey's father, Harry Collins, another pioneer of Allen County, and father of John H. Collins, the late County Clerk of Allen County, his brother, “Barefoot Bill” Collins, and James Spillman, father of T. B. Spillman, ex-merchant, now of Scottsville.  During this period young Richey made several trips with his father to Scottsville to buy salt and other goods.  They paid $1 per bushel for salt.  They made the trip in the wagon, and while camping out in the woods at night the wolves howled around them.  At this time, there were a great many wolves, bear, deer and wild turkey in Allen County and many a fine representative of those now almost extinct races tumbled to the crack of young Richey's flintlock rifle.

The pictures of these old people here presented are true likenesses, though that of Mrs. Richey, the only one she ever had made, was taken a number of years ago.      W. B.


(NOTE: this was probably written May 26, 1894 since the article said they celebrated their sixtieth anniversary “on the last day of last year.”)


There is a wonderful newspaper article about Eliza Ann Frances RICHEY, daughter of the above couple, who married James Virgil Spillman (a second cousin of my gg-grandfather, James Monroe Spillman, son of Frances FERGUSON and Thomas Spilman).  This couple came to Dallas Co., TX around 1859 in a wagon train.  This can be found at:

Eliza’s obituary can also be found at:

The following are not my FERGUSONs, but I ordered these records from Warren Co., and hopefully they will help someone:

Warren Co., Kentucky, Order Book B, page 58, August 17th, 1801

On the motion of James Forguson and satisfactory proof being made to the Court that he has taken up and improved three hundred acres of land agreeable to an act of Assembly in that case made and provided.   It is ordered that he be entitled to the land as per entry filed which entry reads as follows to wit James Forguson locates as follows to wit Beginning on Michael Finley's corner where he corners on Cathorin Finley's line and running said line to William Taylor's corner and along his line opposite to John FERGUSON's line and along line for quantity of three hundred acres.

Warren Co., Kentucky, Order Book B, page 272, February 15th, 1802

On the motion of William Forgeson he is entitled to one hundred acres of land according to the following entry to wit William Forgeson enters one hundred acres of land in Warren Co. on the waters of Big Barren beginning on a Black Oak and running north west for quantity so as to include his improvement according to law.