Dear Martin, in response to your post to the Ferguson list, I am sending you
info (off the list; if others are interested, let me know), several
generations backward, on your Sarah Katherine Ferguson & husuband Lycurgus
Meador. This Ferguson family was from Henrico/Chesterfield and
Bedford/Franklin Co.'s VA, beginning with Moses & Martha Farguson (d. 1750 and
1778 respectively, in Chesterfield, formerly Henrico, Co. VA), through son
John Farguson (Ferguson) Sr. (d.1786 Bedford Co. VA) & Mary Gill, to  John Sr.
& Mary (Gill) Farguson's son Jeremiah Ferguson Sr. & Jemima Phelps of Bedford
Co. VA. My ancestor was John Ferguson Jr. (& unkn.), brother of Jeremiah
Ferguson Sr. Am sending several files. Also have much Phelps info to share ...
Enjoy!  Christie Ferguson Cirone 

Subject: Ferguson LITERATURE- Cox book

Hello, this book which you listed in a Ferguson literature post, was
researched and written by my sister, Marcia Kay (Ferguson) Cox. This book is
now out of print, but details the family of Moses Ferguson (b. 1794 Bedford
Co.VA) and wife Sophia Phelps (b. 1793 Bedford Co. VA. Moses was son of John
Ferguson Jr. (d. 1828/29 Franklin Co. VA, but was also of Bedford Co.) & unkn.
wife; Sophia was dau. of John Phelps IV (d. 1815 Franklin Co. VA, b. Bedford
Co., son of Lieut. John Phelps III & Jemima Turner, grandson of Col. John
Phelps & Mary of Lunenburg and Bedford Co.'s VA). John Ferguson Jr. (d.
1828/29) was son of John Ferguson Sr. (d. 1876 Bedford Co.) & wife Mary Gill
(dau. of Joseph & Elizabeth Gill of Chesterfield Co.). John Fergsuon Sr.
(d.1786) was son of Moses Ferguson (Farguson) (d. 1750 Chesterfield Co.) &
wife Martha (d. bet. 1774/78 Chesterfield Co.). The book does not cover
generations previous to Moses & Sophia (Phelps) Ferguson; it covers their
descendants, mostly in Monroe Co. KY. I'm happy to answer any questions re.
this book and our ancestors. Christie Ferguson Cirone, descendant of Moses &
Sophia (Phelps) Ferguson, Rev. Sparrell Phelps & Charlotte T. (Harris)
Ferguson, Samuel Turner & Lou Ella (McPherson) Ferguson, Millard & Lillie
VanBuren (Walker) Ferguson.

Yes, you may put this earlier message on the site ... would you like some
descendancy charts for the site? I can do this in the next few days. I haven't
seen Bork's books; have you? Yes, there are some things, relating to Burnett
and Turner connections to our Ferguson family, in the Turner-Burnett-Via site.
Many Bedford Co.VA connections to our families, including Turner, Phelps,
Heptinstall, Greer, Hix, Hughes, Brown, Haynes, Arthur, Agee, etc.  Love the
info you're posting; thanks for all your help to so many researchers! Christie
Ferguson Cirone

oops, before posting my message to the site, you may want to make a correction
(butter fingers):
John Ferguson Jr. (d. 1828/29) was son of John Ferguson Sr. (d. 1876 Bedford
Co.) & wife Mary Gill
(dau. of Joseph & Elizabeth Gill of Chesterfield Co.). 

It should read:
John Ferguson Jr. (d. 1828/29) was son of John Ferguson Sr. (d. 1786 Bedford
Co.) & wife Mary Gill
(dau. of Joseph & Elizabeth Gill of Chesterfield Co.). 

In other words, John Ferguson Sr. d. 1786 -- not 1876.
Sorry.  Christie

     Thanks Teri, this abstract is from the book authored by my sister Marcia 
K. (Ferguson) Cox, with help from mother and me!!! We are now updating, for a 
second and much expanded printing, but don't expect this soon! The book cited 
traces only the descendants of Moses & Sophia (Phelps) Ferguson, and does not 
include any of Moses' siblings -- but I have additional info (see below).
     These Fergusons you cited are my direct ancestors:
Moses & Sophia (Phelps) Ferguson of
Bedford/Franklin Co.'s VA and Monroe Co. 
KY; their son the Rev. Sparrel (Sparrell) P. Ferguson (b. 1818 on south side 
of Staunton River in Franklin Co. VA on inherited Phelps land, d. 1888 Monroe 
Co. KY) & wife Charlotte T. Harris (dau. Francis Harris b. 1776 NC & Sarah 
Keys b. VA), and their son Samuel Turner Ferguson & wife Lou Ella "Ellie" 
McPherson (my great-grandparents).
     Going backward from Moses Ferguson, his father was John Ferguson Jr. d. 
ca. 1828/29 intestate Franklin Co. VA (also owned land Bedford Co.) & unkn. 
wife w/ 11 documented children most of whom married in Bedford/Franklin Co.'s 
VA: Joseph (Sarah Hughes) to Barren/Metcalfe Co.'s KY; George (Pamela Hughes) 
to Cinc., Hamilton Co. OH; Caleb (Wilmoth "Willy" Marshall) of Bedford Co. 
VA; Archibald "Archy" (Frances Hix) to Patrick Co. VA; William (poss. m. 
Susannah Simmons???) location unkn.; Daniel (Ann Heptinstall) to Monroe Co. 
KY; John K. (Mary "Polly" Phelps) to Monroe Co. KY; Moses (Sophia Phelps) to 
Monroe Co. KY; Mary "Polly" (John Phelps IV, of Franklin Co. VA, John Phelps 
IV was my ancestor and father of Sophia above); Judith (Nathan Greer Jr.) to 
Henry/Davidson Co.'s TN; and Permelia "Milly" (James John Allen) to 
Cumberland Co. KY;
     John Ferguson Jr. was son of John Ferguson Sr. (b. ca. 1725 Henrico, now 
Chesterfield, Co. VA, d. 1786 Bedford Co. VA) & Mary Gill (m. 2nd as a widow 
to a Mr. Graves, possibly of Bedford Co. ... looking for him). John Ferguson 
Sr. was son of Moses Ferguson (Farguson) d. 1750 Chesterfield (formerly 
Henrico) Co. VA of south side of Swift Creek, third branch & wife Martha d. 
1778 (will date 1774) same place. Our Fergusons were settled in Henrico Co. 
VA in late 1600s, and alled with Gill, Baugh, Ashbrook, Vaden, Hatcher, 
Belcher and other families. The Capt. Thomas Jefferson family (ancestors of 
the President) owned land adjacent to Moses Ferguson (d. 1750). I also have 
Phelps ancestry backward from Sophia Phelps, another 4 generations.
     Happy to answer questions for anyone with an interest.
     Christie (Ferguson) Cirone 

In a message dated 5/11/99 5:08:50 PM,  wrote:
<<My ancestors were John Sr and Mary {Gill] Ferguson, Bedford Co VA, died
1789, no early dates. Their son, John Jr. moved to SC, then MS, the LA
and back to MS. He lived from 1759-1850. >>

Correction, please!!! --
     John Jr. , son of John Ferguson Sr. & Mary (Gill) Ferguson, was born in 
Chesterfield (formerly Henrico) Co. VA, and d. shortly after Aug. 1828 in 
Franklin Co. VA.
     John Ferguson Sr. (son of Moses Ferguson d. 1750 Chesterfield Co. VA & 
wife Martha (surname unkn.) d. 1778, will date 1774 same place) & wife Mary 
(Gill) Ferguson (dau. Joseph & Elizabeth Gill of Henrico/Chesterfield Co.'s 
VA) had known sons:
Pleasant m. Nancy Phelps, dau. Lieut. (Rev.War) John Phelps III & Jemima 
Jeremiah m. Jemima Phelps (sister of Nancy above);
William m. Elizabeth Brown, dau. William Brown;
King m. Frances "Fanny" Vaden (they remained in Chesterfield Co. VA);
Joseph (unkn. if married, d. bet. 1778/1786); and
John Jr. m. unkn., d. shortly after Aug. 1828 and was of Franklin Co. VA at 
his death and owned land also in Bedford Co. VA. (proof: court records of 
land ownership disputed, filed by heirs in Bedford Co. VA court}.

     John Jr., son of John Sr. & Mary (Gill) Ferguson d. intestate shortly 
after August 1828, with no will and with no widow surviving him and was of 
Franklin Co. VA, according to statements made by his son Caleb Ferguson -- 
Aug. 1828 was date of an alleged deed written by John Ferguson Jr. to 
transfer his Bedford Co. VA plantation to son Caleb Ferguson. This deed was 
not fully/properly witnessed, so the deed was never recorded and is included 
as a part of the records in Bedford Co. VA, in which Caleb asserts ownership 
of this tract of land. In Caleb's words, his father John Ferguson Jr. died 
shortly after this deed was written, thus it was not fully witnessed by 3 
individuals. This land was formerly owned by Isaac Prillaman?/Shillamon? and 
also by James Floyd. Evidence (Caleb's words) is that this John Ferguson Jr. 
lived in Franklin Co. VA at his death, adjacent to his brother Isham 
Ferguson; and that this John Ferguson Jr. also owned a Bedford Co. VA tract 
of land (most probably deeded to him from his father John Ferguson Sr. before 
1786). There is no evidence whatsoever that this John Ferguson Jr. EVER left 
Virginia. His wife/wives? preceded him in death, as son Caleb stated that no 
widow survived him. I have been searching for her (my direct ancestor) for 
YEARS, with no success.
     The Bedford Co. VA court record states John Ferguson Jr., then of 
Franklin Co. VA, also owned:
"a tract of land lying on a branch of Goose Creek in Bedford County called 
Hixes place being the same land sold by Isaac Prillaman? [also looks like 
Shillamon] to James Floyd containing one hundred and twenty acres more of 
     John Jr. & unkn. "mystery lady/ladies" had 11 proved children:
     Children of John Ferguson Jr. (d. shortly after Aug. 1828 Franklin Co. 
VA) & unkn. wife/wives:
Archibald m. Frances "Fanny" Hix, dau. Farthing Hix & Rhoda Greer, to Patrick 
Co. VA;
Daniel m. Ann Heptinstall, dau. Caleb Heptinstall & Tege/Tiggy Greer, to 
Monroe Co. KY;
Joseph m. Sarah Hughes, to Barren/Metcalfe Co.'s KY;
George m. Pamela Hughes, to Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH;
Judith "Judy" m. Nathan Greer Jr., son of Nathan Greer Sr. & Lucy Arthur, to 
Davidson/Henry Co.'s TN;
Mary "Polly" m. John Phelps IV (as John's 2nd wife; John Phelps IV was also 
my ancestor with his 1st unkn. wife; John IV was son of Lieut. John Phelps 
III & his 1st wife Jemima Turner); John Phelps IV d. intestate ca. 1815, 
lived on south side Staunton River, Franklin Co. VA (Cooper's P.O. area, 
where is this?).
Permelia "Milly" m. James John Allen, to Cumberland Co. KY;
William m. ?, with 2 known children Josiah & Bethania/Bethany/Barthena, named 
as minors in 1836 as father William was dec'd; William's location unkn.;
Caleb m. Wilmoth "Willy" Marshall, of Bedford Co. VA;
John K. m. Mary "Polly" Phelps, dau. John Phelps IV & unkn. 1st wife, to 
Monroe Co. KY; and
Moses b. 1794 Franklin Co. VA, d. Monroe Co. KY, m. 1815 Sophia Phelps 
(sister of Mary "Polly" m. John K. Ferguson), dau. John Phelps IV & 1st unkn. 
wife. Moses & Sophia (Phelps) Ferguson were my ggg-grandparents, parents of 
my ancestor Rev. Sparrel(l) P. Ferguson (1818 Franklin Co. VA - 1888 Monroe 
Co. KY) m. Charlotte T. Harris (dau. Francis Harris of NC & Sarah Keys of 
VA). My line continues through my g-grandfather Samuel Turner Ferguson m. Lou 
Ella Ferguson.

Thanks for reading ... will provide proof of the above to anyone who 
requests. Christie (Ferguson) Cirone  

descendant of (as proved by primary records):V 1. Moses FERGUSON (Fargusson) d. 1750 Chesterfield Co. VA & Martha (d. 1778), allied with GILL, BAUGH families -- children: Jean, Elizabeth, Daniel, Joshua, Aaron.
2. John FERGUSON (d. 1786 Bedford Co. VA) & Mary GILL (who as a widow m. 2nd Mr. Graves); children married into families: PHELPS, ADAY, BROWN, VADEN; children: King, Joseph, John, Jeremiah, Martha, Pleasant, Isham, William.
3. Capt. John FERGUSON (d. 1836, intestate, Franklin Co. VA, with 11 proved children, documented in estate settlements subsequent to his death, which in this case, was better than a proved will) -- his wife (wives) unknown, lived on Blackwater River in Franklin Co. VA near Pittsylvania Co. VA border; and owned land in Bedford Co. VA, on Shingle Block Road, formerly owned by Phelps/Haynes/Hix families; children married into families: GREER, PHELPS, HIX, SIMMONS, HEPTINSTALL, HUGHES, ALLEN, MARSHALL;
Joseph, John K., Moses, William, Archibald, Caleb, Daniel, George W., Permelia Milly, Judith Judy, Mary Polly.
4. Moses Ferguson (b. 1794) m. 1815 Franklin Co. VA: Sophia Sophronia PHELPS, to Monroe Co. KY; children: Mandy Jane, Sparrel P., Moses Burl, Julia E. Albert Thomas, Richard W., Nancy H. Naomy, Lemuel Callahill, Ferdinand A., Elizabeth H.
5. Rev. Sparrel P. Ferguson (1818-1888) m. Charlotte T. Harris, to Monroe Co. KY; children: Julia Elizabeth, Sarah Lavesta, Richard Gardner, Lemuel Francis, Sophia, Armstead J., Sanford G., Matilda, America, Sparrel Smith W., and Samuel Turner Ferguson.