Hi Sandy,
I don't believe I "called" at the rollcall.  Here is my information, and not knowing what you do and don't want, edit as you wish:
Shirlene Chadick     7078 Brooks Ave.     Richland Hills TX 76118     (817) 312-4583 shirlene.chadick@gmail.com Shirlene Lynette Chadick Shirley Marie Chadick (m), W. C. Chadick, Jr. (f); Clara Eloise Wood (m-gm), Ira Homer Ferguson (m-gf);Camella (Comella) A. Hext (m-ggm), William Bailey (Bally) Ferguson (m-ggf); Nicy UNK (m-gggm); UNK Ferguson (m-gggf) Thank you for all you enthusiasm and hard work on the Fergs!
Shirlene Chadick