I've "rescued" an old photograph of Lon DAILEY and his wife.  The photograph
was taken at the James Ball Studio in Fostoria, Ohio.  The photograph
appears to have been taken in the 1880's or 1890's with the couple likely in
their 30's to 50' at the time it was taken.  Based on limited research I was
able to locate the following information regarding this couple:

Alonzo DAILEY was b. 24 Nov 1847 in Arcadia, OH to parents David K. DAILEY
(b. abt 1811 in PA or OH-d.1880) and Elizabeth HALE (b. abt 1815 in
VA-d.1880).  Alonzo "Lon" DAILEY was one of 4 children born to this couple
including, Francis; Baker; Alonzo; and Samuel C. DAILEY all born in OH
between 1838 and 1847.

Alonzo "Lon" married Susan WINELAND (b. abt 1854 in Fayette Co. PA-d. 1880)
and together they had two children, Charles Ken DAILEY b. May 1872; and
Alice DAILY b. Jun 1874 both in Perry Township, OH. About 1881 Alonzo "Lon"
DAILEY married a second time to Jessie F. FERGUSON (b. 16 Jul 1862 in
Montgomery Township, OH). I'm assuming that the woman in the photograph is
Lon's second wife Jessie FERGUSON DAILEY.  

Alonzo "Lon" DAILEY died 24 Dec 1924 in Bloomdale, OH and is buried in the
Bectel (Van Buren) Cemetery in Allen Township, OH. 

Census records provide the following detail:

1850 census of Washington, OH:

David J. DAILY, age 38, a Farmer, born PA
Elizabeth DAILY, age 35, born VA
Caroline DAILY, age 15, born OH
Francis DAILY, age 12, born OH
Baker DAILY, age 10, born OH
Samuel DAILY, age 8, born OH
David J. DAILY, age 5, born OH
Alonzo DAILY, age 2, born OH

1860 census of Perry Township, OH:

David DAILY, age 55, Farming, born OH
Elizabeth DAILY, age 50, born OH
Catharine DAILY, age 24, born OH
Franklin DAILY, age 22, Labor, born OH
Baker DAILY, age 20, Labor, born OH
Samuel DAILY, age 17, Labor, born OH
John DAILY, age 15, born OH
Alonzo DAILY, age 12, born OH
Margaret DAILY, age 10, born OH
Sylvester DAILY, age 8, born OH

1870 census of Perry, OH:

David DAILY, age 59, a Farmer, born PA
Elizabeth DAILY, age 55, Keeping House, born VA
Alonzo DAILY, age 23, a Farm Laborer, born OH
Margaret DAILY, age 19, Without Occupation, born OH
And living direct next door...John & Lucinda DAILY and family

1880 census of Perry, OH:

David K. DAILEY, age 69, a Retired Farmer, born PA, parents born NY/PA
Elizabeth DAILEY, wife, age 65, Keeping House, born VA, parents born ND/NJ
Alonzo DAILEY, son, age 33, Farming, born OH
Charles K. DAILEY, grandson, age 8, born OH, parents born OH/PA

1900 census of Bloom Township, OH:

Alonzo DAILEY, age 52, born Nov 1847, married 19 years, born OH, parents
born OH/VA, a Day Laborer
Jessie DAILEY, wife, age 37, born Jul 1862, married 19 years, no children,
born OH, parents born PA
Kent C. DAILEY, son, age 28, born May 1872, born OH, parents born OH/PA, an
Oil Well Tool Dresser
Ella E. BALDWIN, niece, age 14, born Oct 1885, born OH, parents born OH, at
Harvie N. CRAMER, son-in-law, age 29, born Sept 1870, married 9 years, born
PA, parents born PA, a Wood Worker
Alice I. CRAMER, dau, age 25, born Jun 1874, married 9 years, 3 children/1
living, born OH, parents born OH
Blanch R. CRAMER, granddau, age 7, born Aug 1892, born OH

I am hoping to locate someone from their family so that this wonderful old
photograph can be returned to its rightful place, with family.  If you are a
member of the family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.