Descendants of John Ferguson - Jun 10 1998


John Ferguson was born on Sep 30 1749.  He died in Dec 1850.  Consensus indicates he was born "on the Roanoke River, five miles from the border" according to his RW pension record.  New information indicates he may have been born in Bedford Co Va.

Union Parish LA census shows that John remarried in 1842 in Union Parish LA. to Mary Cason.  The MS census for 1850, notes that he is “101 years old”.  He died at the home of his son David in Amité Co. Mississippi.

John and wife Mary Ann are listed as charter members of the Zion Hill Baptist church in Amité Co MS, 1811-12.  This info is copied from church records in the Liberty MS library.

Mary Ann Hill Ferguson was born in 1768 in Virginia.  She died in Union Parish, LA.  John remarried in 1842 in Union Parish LA, so it is reasonable to believe that Mary Ann died there.  This fact still remains to be confirmed.  There is a large Ferguson cemetery in Ouachita Parish LA.

John Ferguson and Mary Ann Hill Ferguson had the following children:

i.      William Ferguson.
ii.     Johanna Ferguson.
iii.    Susannah Ferguson.
iv.     MaryAnn Ferguson.
v.      Christina Ferguson.
vi.     Elizabeth Ferguson.
vii.    Sarah Ferguson.
viii.   David Ferguson.
ix.     John Ferguson.
x.      Catherine Ferguson.


William Ferguson was born on Dec 5 1791 in Kershaw Co, South Carolina.  He was in Choctaw Co MS when his father died in 1850.

He was married to Martha Ann "Patsy" Daniel in Amité Co, Mississippi.  Martha Ann "Patsy" Daniel died on Feb 19, 1845.  She and William were in Amite Co MS in 1820, recipients of a land transfer from Wm's father, John according to county records.  I have a copy of the deed.

William Ferguson and Martha Ann "Patsy" Daniel had the following children:

i.      Wm Elkanah Ferguson was born in 1817.*
ii.     Daniel Echols Ferguson was born in 1819.  He died in 1885.
iii.    Trucilla Ferguson was born in 1814.
iv.     John Jackson Ferguson was born in 1816.
v.      James Alexander Ferguson was born in 1819.
vi.     Joseph Jefferson Ferguson was born in 1822.
vii.    Richard Ellison Ferguson was born in 1824.
viii.   David Manson Augustus Ferguson was born in 1826.
ix.     Oscar Marion Ferguson was born in 1827.

Johanna Ferguson.
She was married to Richard AUSTIN on Feb 5 1818 in Amité Co MS.

Susannah Ferguson.
She was married to Jesse WISE on Oct 20 1812 in Amité Co MS.

Mary Ann Ferguson.
She was married to William AUSTIN on Jan 8 1818 in Amité Co MS.

Christina Ferguson.
She was married to John FEAZEL in Union Parish LA.

Sarah Ferguson.

David Ferguson.
He was married to Fanny AUSTIN in 1824.

John Ferguson.

Catherine Ferguson.


Wm Elkanah Ferguson was born on Nov 4 1817 in Amité Co, Mississippi.  He died on Dec 19 1896 in Grapevine, TX, Tarrant County.  He was buried in Grapevine, TX.  I presume Wm Elkanah's birthplace to be Amite Co MS because his parents were there, according to county records, in 1820 and grandparents had been in the Liberty MS area since 1811 when they are recorded as charter members of the Zion Hill Baptist church.

W.E.'s son Beauregard was born in Choctaw Co MS so the migration pattern fits...pc 1998

Louvica Adeline CAUSEY (daughter of William CAUSEY and Sarah Ann MORRIS) was born on Jun 23 1827 in Carroll Co MS.  She died on Jun 13 1900.  She was buried in Grapevine, TX.  FGS shows name as "Louisa"; grave marker, of which I have a photo and which was presumably placed by her daughter  Louisa Millican.  Wm Elkanah Ferguson and Louvica Adeline CAUSEY had the following children:

i.      Andrew J_J "Andy_Jake" Ferguson was born on Nov 12 1858 in Choctaw Co Miss.
ii.     Livian Adeline Louvica Ferguson "Addie".
iii.    Beauregard 'Bee' Ferguson.**
iv.     Louisiane Maranda Ferguson.
v.      Martha Daniel Ferguson.
vi.     Sallie A E Ferguson.
vii.    William Elkanah Jr Ferguson was born on Apr 7 1852 in MS.  He died on Jan 7 1885.
viii.   Emeline M Ferguson.
ix.     Lillian Magill Ferguson.
x.      Melissa E Ferguson.
xi.     Joseph H "Joe" Ferguson was born on Jul 17 1865 in MS.
xii.    Mollie B Ferguson was born on Sep 2 1872.
** my grandfather


Livian Adeline Louvica Ferguson "Addie" was born on Oct 28 1863 in Choctaw Co Miss.  She died in 1934.  John Joseph Butler died on Feb 8 1943.

Beauregard 'Bee' Ferguson was born on Aug 28 1861 in Choctaw Co, Mississippi.  He died on Feb 11 1934 in Texas.  LDS record says he was born in 1858.  Record is from Millican Family Bible, according to his great-nephew.

He was married to Belle (Colwell) Ferguson on Jul 30 1882 in Tarrant Co Texas.  Belle (Colwell) Ferguson was born on Jul 5 1863 in Grapevine, Tarrant Co, TX.  She died in 1942 in Glendale, California.  Beauregard 'Bee' Ferguson and [Ara Bell] Belle (Colwell) Ferguson had the following children:

i.      Kathryn Melissa Ferguson.
ii.      William Earl [Roy] Ferguson.
        There was another brother who died about 1917, either of the WW I flu epidemic or in a steam boiler explosion on one of his father’s oil rigs.  I don’t know which story is true.  Also a daughter ca 1893 who died in infancy.

Louisiane Maranda Ferguson was born on Sep 10 1844 in Mississippi.

Martha Daniel Ferguson was born on Jun 27 1846 in Mississippi.  She died on Mar 21 1923.

Sallie A E Ferguson was born on Mar 18 1849 in Mississippi.  Jewel Community, bet. Carson and Gorman in 1876.  Nine children living when she died.  W V Garrett died in 1917.

Emeline M Ferguson was born on Nov 23 1853 in MS.

Lillian Magill Ferguson was born on Apr 11 1856 in Choctaw Co MS.  She died on Aug 11 1934 in Tulsa, OK.  She was married to William Thomas Kelly on Dec 9 1884.  William Thomas Kelly was born on Nov 26 1849 in Georgia.  He died on Mar 12 1920 in Tulsa OK.  Lillian Magill Ferguson and William Thomas Kelly had the following children:

i.      Addie Lou Ferguson was born on Apr 8 1999 in Marietta, Indian Terr. m. John Early, no further info.

Melissa E Ferguson was born on Sep 2 1867 in Texas.


Kathryn Melissa Ferguson was born on Sep 15 1891 in Tarrant Co Texas.  She died on Jun 8 1949 in Glendale, California.

She was married to Raymond Cales in May 1923 in Redlands, California.  Raymond Cales was born on Jun 1 1895 in Newkirk, Olkahoma.  He died in 1983 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Raymond married Kathryn Melissa Ferguson in Redlands, CA in 1923.  Kathryn Melissa Ferguson and Raymond Cales had the following children:

i.      Paul Raymond Cales. [living, last time I looked in the mirror] I have chosen not to list my living descendants.

William Earl [Roy] Ferguson was born on Nov 6 1885 in Dallas Texas.  He died in Mar 1944.  Tulsa, OK.  He was married to Pearl Ferguson on May 24 1906.  William Earl [Roy] Ferguson and Pearl Ferguson had the following children:

i.      Edna Ferguson Cameron. [living]
        A living daughter from a second marriage also survives.