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I have information that has thousand of names of Ferguson desendants in
it. It starts in Stoke County NC with John Ferguson and Johanna ( Hanna)
Petree Ferguson.  John was born ca. 1768.  These names were compiled by
a person in Texas who was a Stokes County, NC Ferguson desendant.  I am
willing to do look ups.

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] Coleman Ferguson >  > COLEMAN Ferguson  b 1783 VA married MARY (POLLY) PROFFITT > Wilkes Co. NC 1811. Bondsman was David ROUSSEAU. > Children: Susan  bc 1812 (m ? WINN), John Luther b > 1814 (m Frances Head in GA),  Sarah bc 1813 (m Riley GOSS in GA), > James Quiller b 1824 GA (m Sarah HENSON and Mary M. BROWN in GA). >  > Coleman married LUCRETIA BONNER  1825 Habersham Co. GA. > Children:  MaryAnn Lavada b 1828 GA (m C.A.J. HEAD), > Teletha b 1830 (m John COOPER AND James LUNSFORD),  Asenath > Angeline b 1832 GA (m M. Reese WATERS and  John WILEY),  Hugh > Jackson bc 1835, Milligan Fletcher b 1837 GA (m Jennie ANDREWS), and > Coleman Washington b 1839 GA (m Anna E. BENNETT, and Susanna > Elizabeth LOVINGGOOD). >  > COLEMAN Ferguson left Wilkes Co. NC in 1815 but did not show up > again until he remarries in Habersham Co. GA 1825.  He died 1864 in > Cherokee Co. GA. >  > Would appreciate any help from anyone connected with or having any > knowedge of these families. > Much thanks, > Sandra >  I have looked in my records and could not find your ancestor.  John Ferguson b. 1755or 9/14/1768 and died 10/14/1829 in Stokes County, NC. He married Hannah ( JoHannah) Petree in 1790.  John is presumed to have boarded the sailin ship Ulusses about August 1774 , as a single lad of 19.  This could have been at Greenock, Scotland.  The ship landed in Wilmington, NC.  He is in the emigrants from UK to N 1774-1775.
From: Boyles family Line

Here is my web page with some Ferguson information on it  - Stokes
County, NC

Marla Martin wrote:
> I got so excited I emailed this to the Boyles family privately when I meant
> to send it to the list. Just to reiterate- THIS LIST CAN WORK! I am living
> proof!
> I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! After such a long time of searching I found a
> Ferguson cousin! Like other people on the list, I was getting discouraged
> but keep at it! It paid off for me!
> To the Boyles Family-- I am a descendant of Henry Ferguson b. 1811 (son of
> your John). I knew for a long time that Henry was married to Martha and
> that he was married twice- I just didn't know if she was #1 or #2. Do you
> know by which wife Henry had his children? My line is from his son James
> Madison and I have alot of info about this family.
> Everyone check out this page! You never know when you will hit paydirt!!!!
> Marla Martin
> St. Louis, MO
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Joyce Holland Boyles

Subject: [Ferguson-L] Henry Ferguons b. 1811 - Stokes County, NC

Ferguson Line Stokes County, NC

John Ferguson is presumed to have boarded the sailing ship Ulysses about
August 1774, as a single lad of 19 years, at Greenock, Scotland,  He was
from Kintyre of Islay.  The ship landed in Wilmington, NC.

John Ferguson born 1755 or 9/14/68 - died 10/14/1829
Married to Johanna ( Hannah) Petree. She was from Pennsylvania. Date of
marriage 1790?

Line of Henry Ferguson - son of John and Hannah Petree Ferguson

Henry born 1811 - died 3/12/1865 - 
1st wed to Slana (Sleena) Linville  she died in the 1841's

Children of Henry and Slana Ferguson

Riley Ferguson - b. 1832? Married Mary Jane Boyd

Elizabeth (Polly) Ann Ferguson born 2/23/1834 died 7/26/1900 - unwed -
worked as a seamstress

John (Long) Henry Ferguson b. 1./16/1836 died 11/20/1920   - wed to
Charity Rosetta Johnson on 7/22/1866

Sally E. Ferguson b. 1838

JAMES MADISON Ferguson 6/18/1840

Rebecca J. Ferguson b. 8/28/1842

Hilliard A.? Ferguson b. 1/22/1845

Robert T. Ferguson b. 3/4/1846

Children of Henry Ferguson and 2nd wife Martha Pullium Ligon b. 1814
died 6/3/1888.  She was a widow
With five children at the time of her marriage.

Alexander Tate Ferguson 2/21/1852 - 2./15/1917. 1st wed to Martha A.
Ferguson on 12.18.1873.  She died
09/07.1887. 2nd wed to Hattie Josephine Gibson. B. 6/1/1872   d.
8/12/1946 .  This family moved to Eden, NC in 1905.

Mittie E. Ferguson b. 10/07/1854 - 10/23/1930 - married to Drewry C.?
Boyles  b. 1/13/1851 d. 3/16/1909

Benjamin Ferguson b. 1836? Died 1908 wed to Nannie Boules 

Please send me what you have of Henry Ferguson's line.  I will post it
on the web page
if that is okay with you.

Joyce Holland Boyles  -

John Ferguson is presumed to have boarded the ship Ulysses about August
1774 , as a single lad of 19.  He boarded at Greenock, Scotland and was
from Kintyre or Islay.  He landed in Wilmington, NC  and settled in 
Stokes County, NC.  Any Fergusons connect from the home country?
Joyce Holland Boyles, Germanton, NC

I remembered your name.  I am Joyce ( Jo Beth ) Holland Boyles from
Germanton, NC.  In the past , I have sent you  information on the Stokes
County Boyles.  Is the John Ferguson that your looking for from Stokes

I do not have any of your names ( I do think )  I have a Ferguson Book that starts with John and Hanna Petree Ferguson who settled in Surry/Stokes County.  Do you connect to this group?  I have a web site and when I get it working correctly I hope to publish some of my Ferguson line. Joyce Holland Boyles  connected surnames - Ferguson - Boyles - Holland I have over 160 page of names desended from this Stokes County line.  As time permits I will put a page on the forum.  Please understand that this may contain errors.  It is a document from 1973 that has been handed down to my family.   John Ferguson -  Eleazer Ferguson - Curry Ferguson - - John Ferguson - Willam Ferguson William Ferguson born 2/28/1865 died 6/1/1938 wed on June 12, 1892 to Hester Olive Wilson. Hester Olive Wilson was born 2/6/1868 and died 2/26/1894 of TB William Ferguson rewed 3/19/1896 on at train at Memphis, MO to Ida Corning.  They divorced. (or at least it says that in my notes) Children of William Ferguson and Hester Olive Wilson - Nellie Ferguson born 6/18.1893 and died 12/25/1893. Children of William Ferguson and 2nd wife Ida Corning.    Charles William Ferguson born 6/09/1901 in Chicago, IL.  He wed   Nell Ada Foster on 10/13/1933.  It looks like they married in Dallas   Texas.   - No children listed   Walter Neil Ferguson born 12/19/1902 and died 8/9/1906  - Chicago      Edith Ferguson 10/28/1905 in Chicago.  Wed 7/20/1944 to Merle       Fredereick Fuller.  Called Paw Paw.  It looks like they lived in       Porter Twp. MIch.    Please note:  It may have been that Willaim Ferguson married Margaret  Ann Ferguson as his 3rd wife.  It gets confusing when the lines intertwine.   Here information on Margaret Ann Fergsuon born 9/1/1864 - died 4/12/1916. Rewed 4th time to Lois Ethel Sayres at Mt. Pleasant, IA. She was born 4/18/1879 and died 1/28/1964.        She rewed 2/12/1949 to David S. Bowie in Watsonville, CA. Line of Curry Ferguson 10/13/1880 died 4/10/1880 wed on 7/13/1823 to Catherine Snider Both born and wed in Stokes County, NC., then moved via Ind, & Iowa to Missouri and both believed to be buried in Union cemetary, 5 miles south of Kahoka. Children  Levi Ferguson 9/23/1825 died 1825 -            Allen Ferguson 9/23/1825 died 1901  - Raleigh , NC ?                 wed to Rebeckah Koons - a Quaker           Phillip Wesley Ferguson 4/14/1828 died 1/1/1887 in NC ?                 wed 1/21/1855 in Leww County, Iowa to Anna ( Nancy )                 Elizabeth Speak.         John Eugene Ferguson 1837 - died 1897 in Indiana                 wed 3/4/1858 to Sarah Ellen Young  - Lee County, Iowa                         divorced  -                  2nd wife - Susan Culbertson Children of John Eugene Ferguson and Sarah Ellen Young                         Eugene Ferguson died 1915 near Tucker, Texas                         He was a school teacher.                         Allen Ferguson - 9/13/1863 - 11/15/1946                                 wed 1/11/1894 to Rosella Victoria Brown                         William N. Ferguson 2/28/1865 - 6/1/1938                         @Mt. Rose, Lee Co. , Ia.                          wed various - I have already posted his family                                 information on the Ferguson Roots Web.         I am very interested in seeing if any of these Ferguson's Fought for the Union in the War Between the States.  John Ferguson's daughter Charity Ferguson Boyles lost 6 out of 7 sons in the war on the Southern side.  We have been told, it was the largest loss in any family in the War. John Ferguson born 1755 or 9/14/1768 - died 10/14/1829 wed 1790 to Hannah Petree. at least seven children were born to this union. Here is the line of their daughter - Elizabeth Ferguson born 2/18/1794 died 8/20/1872 wed 3/18/1815 to Major Hardy Carroll children of Elizabeth Ferguson Carroll and husband Mary Ann Carroll 6/8/1823 died 6/3/1894 wed 11/12/1838 to Landon H. Southern Calvin J. Carroll 4/30/1831 died 3/7/1899 wed 7/4/1852 to Valeria F. Johnson - no children John H. Carroll  8/21/1833 died 1/12/1904 wed Selena Jane Johnson  2nd marriage Minerva A. Golden Capt. Hardy Riley Carroll 2/14/1839 died 12/3/1887 wed 4/9/1859 to Minnie Jud Gibson If anyone has this line traced back further than Scotland, please let me know. Joyce Holland Boyles

From: Boyles Family 
Subject: [Ferguson-L] Line of Charity Ferguson Boyles - Stokes County, NC
John Ferguson b. 1755 or 9/14/1768 - married to JoHanna ( Hanna )
Petree in
           This is the line of his 6th known child Charity Ferguson,
born 3/26/1809
           died 8/8/1898     She married John William Boyles b. 7/31/1809
           died 4/11/1887.  Both are buried in the old Mount Olive Cemetery in
King,            NC.   This family suffer with the lost of all but two
of their sons in the
           War Between the States.
a. John W. Boyles b. 31 may 1832  d.  Aug. 1862 at Petersburg, Va.
b. Alexander Martin Boyles b.  25 Feb 1834  d. 1863 at Goldsboro, NC
c. Calvin H. Boyles b. 9 Apr 1836  d. 11 May 1865 at Garrett Station,
e. Mary Ann Boyles  b. 4 Nov. 1840 d. 10 Jan. 1923 - last person to be
buried at the old Mount Olive Cemetary.  - It was said that she lost her
Husband during the War Between the States.
f. Augustin Harmon Boyles b. 5 Mar 1843  d. Oct. 1862 at Drury's Bluff.
g. Irvin Edwin Boyles b. 14 Aug. 1844  d. Aug 1863 at Orange Court
House, Va.
h.    Riley Robertson Boyles  - b. Aug. 3 1846  d. 8 May 1926      m. 9
Jun 1867
       to Mary Catherine Newsome  b. 12 May 1853   d. 21 Mar 1931
        children  - Jesse, JASPER, Calvin Ollie, Samuel Jackson, Doctor,
               Wade Ernest, William, Thomas Settle, Sidney Floyd, Cora,
                                        Kathryn Elizabeth
Boyles                          Robert Ernest Lee Boyles
i. Charity E. Boyles - died in infancy
j. Wade Hamilton Boyles b. 23 Apr. 1856  d. 2 Mar 1932
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Subject: [Ferguson-L] Link to Ferguson line
If this link takes you to the bottom of my page, hit your back button
and it should take you to the Ferguson line.  Someone had an inquiry
about a Ferguson who lived in MO.  and had roots in the Carolina's.
Maybe this link will help you.  Check back ofter as I hope to have a
picture of the John Ferguson farm and also a spinning wheel that he made
included in our web page.
Joyce Holland Boyles - still in NC