From: KittyLuv45

There seems to be a lot of activity on the list lately, and since I haven't
posted in a long time, here is whom I am searching for:   DOUGLAS Ferguson b.
1788 in VA, possible Franklin County.  Moved to TN c1810.  I need to know who
his parents were, siblings, first wife, etc.  This seems to be an unusual name
in this line.  I would appreciate any help!!  Thanks.

Beejee in Tuscaloosa

Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 20:44:24 EDT

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 Hi cousin,  I am a decemdant of The Franklin county Fergusons.. >>

Julie - Saw your message to the list and have some info that my Douglas
Ferguson was from Franklin Co. but can find nothing to verify.  I have a
Douglas Ferguson b. 1788 in VA (perhaps Franklin Co.).  There is some
indication that he was kin to a Thomas Ferguson b. 1795 in VA whose father or
grandfather was Joel Ferguson.  Do you have any info on Douglas?  I would
forever thank you if you do!  I have further info on descendants if you need
it.  Thanks so much!  Beejee