From: "kap" Austin, Kathie

I have had some good fortune (as if fortune isn't good by 
definition) to find some connections for my good friend 
Carol is researching her maternal North Carolina ancestory. 
 I think the following is accurate and would love to hear 
from anyone with additional  information.  Thank you.

Cumberland Co, Little River Township, NC  
1834  marriage of John L. Ferguson (born 1807 in NC?) to 
Catherine Priest (father Donald Priest, and she was born in 

They had 10 children:
1. Margaret (born 1834)
2. Mary (born 1837)
3. Martha (born 1842)
4. Sarah (born 1845)
5. Flora (born 1848)
6. Malcom (born 1846)
7. JOHN (Born 1850) ***
8. Catherine (born 1853)
9. Christian (born 1854)
10. Eliza (born 1857)

John Ferguson of Cumberland Co. (Little River Township) 
married Flora A. Medlin (one of many children of John 
George Medlin and wife Christian Margaret McDonald of Moore 
Co.).  Flora was born in 1860.  In the 1900 census they had 
the following children:
1. Mary C. (born 1885) (married a Cummings and had daughter 
 2. John  (born 1887, probably died in Florida in early 
3. William  (born 1890)
4.  Annie Augusta Ferguson (born 1892, married John Tharpe 
from Liberty Co in Florida and died in Florida - Franklin 
5. Duncan (born 1895, and moved to Tampa FL later where we 
think he died in Dec. 1977 in Hillsborough Co?)
6. Archie (born 1897)
7. Robert (born 1899)
There may have been an 8th child born after 1900 to John 
and Flora - Coy Ferguson (about 1902?)

We have family accounts of John and Flora leaving NC for 
Mississippi and then going from there to the Panhandle in 
Florida (Liberty Co.) and from there (daughter Annie stayed 
and maybe also Duncan and John ("Johnnie")) back to NC.  
While in Florida, Flora and John sold her "Medlin" property 
to N.A. McKeithen.  This land was located in the Sandhills 
Township of Moore Co. and included her land for sale by 
deed except for the deeded land by Mrs. Christian Medlin 
being excepted from sale.

>From a family bible source and from the 1880 census we have 
the following on the Medlin family:

Moore Co, SandHills Township
Medlin, John George (farming - but we think he worked in 
turpintine) with wife (Margaret) Christian (housekeeper) 
and her parents were born in NC.  They had 9 children by 
1. Mary Catherine Medlin (married McDonald) 
2. Moses K.
3. Flora A. (born 1861)
4. John  McS.  (worked on farm, but was sick with 
5. John Archie (worked turpintine)
6. William Thomas  (born 1868)
7. Rebecca B. or J.
8. Sarah E.
9. Daniel P.
Later, these others were associated with this family:
Ludella C. (b. 1880)
Charles R. (b. 1880)
Neill Arnold (b. 1882) and he has 9 children

Christian Margaret (Rose?) McDonald Medlin died Feb. 25, 
1908 at age 71.  John George and Christian lived in what is 
known today as Sandy Woods estate and there is a cemetery 
there and at some time a small church (Deep Creek Baptist) 
was build, and later moved out and placed near the highway, 
added to and brick put on.
The obit for Christian was in the "The Free Press", March 
13, 1908, Death at Roseland....When her husband died in 
1882 or 1883, he left her with a 6 month old baby and 9 
other children...  John George was likely born in 1824.

If ANYONE has additional information, photos, etc or 
corrections to the aforementioned information, please 
contact me so we can get Carol's family history accurately 
recorded.  Thank you!  Kathie