Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 21:37:49 -0400
Hi Sandy. Here goes some of my Appomattox Virginia Fergusons:
About 1805 - Ferguson, Thomas (Father Moses Ferguson)
             Ferguson, Jane
2-4-1801   - Ferguson, Archibald/Archer
             Jennings, Lucy  (Father Allen Jennings)
Date?      - Ferguson, John Calvin (Father Joel Ferguson)
             Conner, Mary Lennes (Father Samuel Conner)
Before 1823- Ferguson Lennis Ann (Father Archibald Ferguson)
             Conner, Abendigo
5-7-1862   - Ferguson Chancey Comedore (Father Lilborne Ferguson)
             Ferguson, Emmmaline Sidney (Father Roland Ferguson)
12-6-1894  - Ferguson, Benjamin Marcus (Father Chancey Ferguson)
             Conner, Alberta (NMI) (Father Samuel Conner)
12-26-1915 - Ferguson, Sydney Virginia (Father Benjamin Marcus Ferguson)
             Wooldridge, Robert Earl (Father Thomas Hamilton Wooldridge)
11-25-1829 - Ferguson, Roling (Roland)
             Jennings, Elizabeth (Mother Mary Jennings)
Before 1844- Ferguson, Lilborne (Father Thomas Ferguson)
             Ferguson, Willieanne
Before 1858- Ferguson, Lilborne (Father Thomas Ferguson)
             ________, Scuitha?
10-14-1889 - Ferguson, Chancey Comedore (Father Lilborne Ferguson)
             Harris, Nannie D.
__-18-1867 - Ferguson, Henry C. (Mother Elizabeth Ferguson)
             Going, Frances R (Father William Going)
12-29-1869 - Ferguson, Ademonia A. (Father Roland Ferguson)
             Gunter, George D. (Father William Gunter)
11-16-1856 - Ferguson, Mary W. (Father Roland Ferguson)
             Inge, William P. (Father Clark Inge)
__-__-1867 - Ferguson, America (Father Roland Ferguson)
             Jamerson, Robert S. (Father Daniel Ferguson)
11-16-1856 - Ferguson, Mary Jane (Father Roland Ferguson)
             Lookadoo, Robert (Mother Eliza Lookadoo)
11-14-1866 - Ferguson, Daniel (Father Roland Ferguson)
             Conner, Nancy Gilliam (Father Allen Conner)
Sometime when I can get some more names and dates together  I will try
to send more. Let me know what you think and if I can be of more
assistance.  Thanks, Carolyn.