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 While in Richmond, VA recently doing some research on the name HIGGINS and
 WILKINS, I discovered a new family surname.  Of course that name is
 Ferguson or I would not be posting this message here.  I was reviewing the
 1900 census on my great-grandparents Joseph and Nettie WILKINS (it was
 listed as WILKINSON in the census) when by accident (yet a stroke of good
 luck) it listed a young man at the age of 14 named Alfred Ferguson.  He
 was listed as the brother-in-law to my g-grandfather and that is how I
 discovered my g-grandmother's maiden name.  As fortunate as I was, I was
 limited in time.  So I was only able to go back to the Fairfax Co., VA
 1880 census index for Ferguson where I found the following:

       NAME                                    AGE
 Isaac Ferguson (husband)           27      (my g-g-grandfather)
 Annie Ferguson (wife)                 26       (my g-g-grandmother)
 Joseph Ferguson (son)                 9
 Ella Ferguson (daughter)               6
 Netty Ferguson (daughter)            5       (my g-grandmother)
 Charles Ferguson (son)                2
 Robert Ferguson (son)                4/12

 These names were enumerated with another relative (although I haven't
 quite figured out the relationship) Louisa Ferguson.  Alfred Ferguson was
 not born until April of !886. How and why he came to live with my
 g-grandparents Joseph and Nettie WILKINS in 1900 requires more research.

 If any of these names appear to be familiar to anyone, please help me to
 further my research and discover more family.

From: "Allen, Daryle" <>

Descendants of Isaac Ferguson

Generation No. 1

 1.  ISAAC1 Ferguson was born Abt. 1853 in Virginia.  He married ANNIE
NAPPER Abt. 1870 in Virginia.

        Children of ISAAC Ferguson and ANNIE NAPPER are:
        i.      JOSEPH2 Ferguson, b. Abt. 1871, Virginia.

        ii.     ELLA Ferguson, b. Abt. 1874.

 2.     iii.    NETTIE Ferguson, b. March 24, 1876, Virginia.
        iv.     CHARLES Ferguson, b. Abt. 1878, Virginia.

        v.      ROBERT Ferguson, b. Abt. 1879, Virginia.

        vi.     ALFRED Ferguson, b. April 29, 1886, Virginia; d. September
1973, Chantilly, VA Fairfax County.

Generation No. 2

 2.  NETTIE2 Ferguson (ISAAC 1) was born March 24, 1876 in Virginia.  She
married JOSEPH WILKINS April 27, 1899 in Alexandria City, Fairfax County,

        Child of NETTIE Ferguson and JOSEPH WILKINS is:
 3.     i.      HATTIE3 WILKINS, b. Abt. 1901, Washington, DC.

Generation No. 3

 3.  HATTIE3 WILKINS (NETTIE 2 Ferguson, ISAAC 1) was born Abt. 1901 in
Washington, DC.  She married WILLIAM HIGGINS June 30, 1919 in Alexandria,

        Children of HATTIE WILKINS and WILLIAM HIGGINS are:
        i.      JOSEPH WILKINS4 HIGGINS, b. January 28, 1920, R.F.D #1,
Alexandria, VA, Fairfax Co.; d. August 1980, Cleveland, OH.

        ii.     WILLIAM HIGGINS, b. December 17, 1921, R. F. Div., #1,
Alexandria, VA; d. September 1985, Pittsburgh, PA.

        iii.    BABY HIGGINS, b. Abt. 1923, R.F.D. #1 Alexandria, VA,
Fairfax Co.; d. R.F.D. #1, Alexandria, VA, Fairfax Co..

 4.     iv.     GERALDINE HIGGINS, b. Abt. February 29, 1924, R.F.D. #1,
Alexandria, VA, Fairfax Co.; d. Abt. 1965, Pittsburgh, PA.
 5.     v.      NETTIE HIGGINS, b. December 27, 1925, R.F.D. #1, Alexandria,
Va. Fairfax Co.; d. October 26, 1986, Pittsburgh, PA.
        vi.     ISAAC HIGGINS, b. Abt. 1927, Alexandria, VA Fairfax County.

Generation No. 4

born Abt. February 29, 1924 in R.F.D. #1, Alexandria, VA, Fairfax Co., and
died Abt. 1965 in Pittsburgh, PA.  She married JAMES MOORE Abt. 1940 in
Pittsburgh, PA.

        Children of GERALDINE HIGGINS and JAMES MOORE are:
        i.      RONALD5 MOORE, b. Abt. 1942, Pittsburgh, PA.

        ii.     MARIAN MOORE, b. Abt. 1943, Pittsburgh, PA.

        iii.    BEVERLY GERALDINE MOORE, b. Abt. 1944, Pittsburgh, PA.

born December 27, 1925 in R.F.D. #1, Alexandria, Va. Fairfax Co., and died
October 26, 1986 in Pittsburgh, PA.  She married CHARLES WILLIAM ALLEN Abt.

        Children of NETTIE HIGGINS and CHARLES ALLEN are:
        i.      DONALDA ALEAISE5 ALLEN, b. October 09, 1948, Montifiore
Hosp., Pittsburgh, PA; m. (1) WALTER BOOKER, Abt. 1977, Holy Cross Episc.
Church, Pittsburgh, PA.

        ii.     DARYLE WILLIAM ALLEN, b. September 26, 1949, Montifiore
Hosp., Pittsburgh, PA; m. (1) DONNA JEAN LEE, January 18, 1969, Jerusalem
Baptist Church, Duquesne, PA; m. (2) BLENDA MARCIA LITTLETON, October 26,
1990, St. James A.M.E. Church, Pittsburgh, PA.

Daryle W. Allen

"From: ""Allen, Daryle"" <"
Subject: RE: [Ferguson-L] Re:Ferguson look-up offer
"Hi Mary,"
Do you have access to Ferguson data for Fairfax County Virginia for 1870 and
1880.  My g-g-grandfather's name was either Isaac or Isaiah Ferguson (I have
seen documents with his first name spelled both ways).  He married Annie
Napper sometime around 1869 and 1870.  In 1880 my g-g-grandparents and their
5 children were living with a relative by the name of Louisa Ferguson.  I
would like to find out who Louisa was.

From: "Allen, Daryle" <> I just wanted to share with you that I have found my first cousin twice removed Mary Bell Smith.  She is 91 years old and still living in the community of my ancestors, Gum Springs, VA.  I spoke with her via telephone last week.  My g-grandmother Nettie (Ferguson) Wilkins was her aunt.  She told me how she and others there are still a member of Bethlehem Baptist. The church of my ancestors.  She also told me that most of my Ferguson ancestors are buried in Coleman Cemetery there in Gum Springs, VA.  I feel absolutely great because of this discovery.  Now I can't wait to pay a visit to Gum Springs. God bless and happy hunting to you all, Daryle W. Allen