Erastus Benjamin Ferguson lived in Troy Al Pike Co  He was buried at Banks 
Al, Bethal Babtist Cemetary. HIs first wife Frances Olivia "Ollie" Cottinham 
was admitted to Bryce Mental Hospital from Lee Co on 27 July 1910 and died 
there 25 Feb 1933.  Here's all that I have to date I'm trying to make a 
My GGrandparents were
Erautus Benjamin Ferguson b. 17 Oct 1879 d. 22 Nov. 1945 married Frances 
Olivia  "Ollie" Cottingham b. 1 Jan 1871 d.25 Feb 1933. 
Their children were:
1.Carrie Ferguson b. unknown died as child
2. Jessie Ferguson b. unknown died as child
3. Martha Lavenia Ferguson b.10 Oct 1898 d. 21 Oct 1979 married Charles 
Thomas Madaris b. 2 Dec 1893 d. 8 July 1960 (my grandparents)
4. Thomas Ferguson (twin) b. 5 May 1903 d. April 1981
5. Erastus Ferguson (twina) b. 5 May 1903 d. unknown died as a child
6. Pearl Odessa Ferguson b. 29 Jan 1906 d. Aug 1990's(?)
married Robert Benjamin Wiggins b.? d. 19 June 1976