From: Adams-John

Francis Marion Ferguson, b. 1843, Johnson Co, MO; d. 1925, Holtville, CA
m. 1868, Johnson Co, MO
Elizabeth Ann AULD, b. 1850, Guernsey Co, OH; d. 1939, Whittier, CA
        Cora Ferguson WHITNEY (1870-1924)
        Albert C. Ferguson (1872-1949)
        Mertie May Ferguson (1876-1895)
        Estella Ferguson SHAW (1879-aft 1925)
        Porter N. Ferguson, b. 1871, Johnson Co, MO; d. 1937, Whittier, CA
        m. 1895, Woods Co, OK
        Stella HOWARD, b. 1874, Vermilion Co, IL; d. 1963, Beaumont, CA
                Laural Marion Ferguson (1896-1965)
                Eldred Howard Ferguson (1897-1976)
                Persis Ferguson WARD (1898-1986)        
                Forrest Ferguson (1902-1954)
                Esther Elmina Ferguson, b. Holtville, CA 
                m. Everett Virgil ADAMS, b. 1907, Lincoln Co, OK; d. 1979, Torrance, CA
                        John Stephen ADAMS, b. 1939, Torrance, CA--yours truly

From: John S. ADAMS

Subject: [Ferguson] Roll Call:  Col. Robert and descendants: SCT>IRE>PA?>NC>TN>MO; 1700-1880

Trying to verify the oft repeated lineage of Moses Hiram Ferguson, b.

Baltimore, MD, 1762, Rev War vet; m. Elizabeth COX in NC, 1785; d. Johnson

Co., MO, 1845.  Several web and printed genealogies give Moses' ancestry as

son of Robert, b. 1722, SCT; son of Col. Robert b. 1700, SCT, son of John.

These several sites give no proof and may stem from a single source.  They

consistently relate that Col. Robert and adult sons (2 or 3) came to America

in 1750 and settled near what is now Pittsburgh, PA, and migrated to the

Carolinas in 1762.  The problem I have with this narrative is that Western

PA at that time was undeveloped wilderness controlled by the French.  The

English did not take control of the area until 1759 and significant

settlement did not take place until several years after that.  Can anyone

verify this story and offer sources?  Or offer an alternate, verifiable


I am descended from Moses Hiram through his son, Moses Jr., and his son,

Francis Marion Ferguson.

Any help or clues would be much appreciated.

John S. Adams

Newbury Park, CA


From: John S. Adams

Subject: [Ferguson] Re: ROLL CALL--ancestors of Moses Ferguson (1762, MD-1845, MO)

Surnames:  Ferguson, COX, WYLLEY, SIMMERMAN

Locations:  Scotland, PA, MA, Rhea Co. TN, Johnson Co. MO

I'm descended from Moses [Hiram?] Ferguson, b. 1762, Baltimore, MD; d. 1845,

Johnson Co., MO; Rev War veteran; m. Elizabeth COX in 1785, NC.  Parents

probably were Robert Ferguson (abt 1722-1815) and Elizabeth WYLEY (abt

1723-1780), but I have not seen proof of this parentage.  Robert Ferguson

may have been the son of Robert (Col. Robert) Ferguson (abt 1702-1794) and

Mary FITZPATRICK (?-aft 1750).  Story is that Col. Robert was b. in Scotland

and had land in Ireland.  Some accounts have him, Mary and his 2 grown sons

immigrating to western PA about 1750, Mary dying shortly thereafter, and he

married 2nd Sarah SIMS. The family migrated to Lincoln Co., NC, abt 1762,

with Moses being born en route.

Another version is that Col. Robert's father was John Ferguson, b. abt 1665

in Scotland and immigrated to Worchester,MA abt 1738, where John was a town

official.  His sons were said to have migrated from there to NC.

In any event, Moses and Elizabeth COX Ferguson had many children, 14 by one

count, in NC.  Most of them moved on to Rhea Co., TN, in the 1810-1820

timeframe.  Many of them and their children went to Johnson Co., MO,


Does anyone have firm sources about the ancestors of Moses [perhaps Hiram]


Any information appreciated.


From: John S. ADAMS

Thanks for the info. I have seen the Reimert website--not much on Wylley there. Not sure what is confusing about Robert Sr's marriages. He married first Mary FITZPATRICK abt 1721 and married second Sarah SIMS abt 1760. Haven't seen sources for those marriages or maiden names so not sure about the accuracy.

It's interesting that you ask about these records. Just yesterday I e-mailed to a distant cousin my opinions about the story of Col. Robert FERGUSON's immigration to PA. I doubt the story that Robert and sons settled near present day Pittsburgh in 1750. Western PA was wilderness controlled primarily by Indians and the French until 1758 when the English finally prevailed. Fort Pitt did not go by that name until 1759 and significant civilian settlement did not occur for several years after that. More likely the FERGUSON's settled in E. PA, or as some researchers theorize, in MA. Some believe that the John FERGUSON who immigrated from Ulster to Worcester, MA, abt 1738, was the father of Col. Robert and was accompanied or followed there by Robert and his family about that time. I haven't seen sources to confirm or refute any of this. If you come across anything that can shed any light on Robert's immigration or parents, I'd appreciate hearing it.

If you have other questions, please ask.

John S. Adams
Newbury Park, CA