Books at Heritage Quest that Mentions FERGUSON name
1 Ferguson, Henry A., History of a Ferguson family : a genealogy of the Scots-Irish family of James Ferguson (ca. 1687-ca. 1737), his wife, Agnes, their four sons, John, William, James (Jr.), and Robert, who migrated from Ulster Province, Northern Ireland, to Massachusetts Bay Colony, America, in 1718 Gardena, Calif.,: Printed by Clearmark Print. Co., 1968, 256 pgs. 
2 Ferguson, M. L. The Ferguson family : in Scotland and America. Canandaigua, N.Y.: Times Presses, 1905, 214 pgs. 
3 Ferguson, James, Records of the clan and name of Fergusson, Ferguson, and Fergus Edinburgh: D. Douglas, 1895, 673 pgs. 
4 Robertson, Wyndham, Pocahontas, alias Matoaka, and her descendants : at Jamestown, Virginia, in April, 1614, with John Rolfe, gentleman : including the names of Alfriend, Archer, Bentley, Bernard, Bland, Bolling, Branch, Cabell, Catlett, Cary, Dandridge, Dixon, Douglas, Duval, Eldridge, Ellett, Ferguson, Field, Fleming, Gay, Gordon, Griffin, Grayson, Harrison, Hubard, Lewis, Logan, Markham, Meade, McRae, Murray, Page, Poythress, Randolph, Robertson, Skipwith, Stanard, Tazewell, Walke, West, Whittle, and others : with biographical sketches Richmond, Va.: J.W. Randolph & English, 1887, 93 pgs. 
5 Lamb, Daniel Smith, Genealogy of Lamb, Rose, and others Washington, D.C.?: unknown, 1904, 115 pgs. 
6 Anonymous The "Fraser clan" in America Evansville, Ind.?: unknown, 1916?, 40 pgs. 
7 Kelly, Henry Russel, Imprints on the sands of time : left by certain Kelly's, Lampman's, Craig's, Ferguson's S.l: unknown, 1972, 301 pgs. 
8 Morrison, Leonard Allison, Lineage and biographies of the Norris family in America : from 1640 to 1892, with references to the Norrises of England as early as 1311 Boston, Mass.: Damrell & Upham, 1892, 232 pgs. 
9 Boyd, Scott Lee, The Boyd family : including the allied families of Bell, Bracken, Cullar, Cunningham, Finley, Gaut, Hoover, Hough, Markle, McGrew, Parrish, Perry, Pinkerton, Scholl, Speer, Warfel, Welday, Williams : with special reference to Mercelia Louise Boyd (daughter of the compiler) Santa Barbara, Calif.: S.L. Boyd, 1935, 351 pgs. 
10 Greenlee, Ralph Stebbins, Genealogy of the Greenlee families in America, Scotland, Ireland and England : with ancestors of Elizabeth Brooks Greenlee and Emily Brooks Greenlee : also, genealogical data on the McDowells of Virginia and Kentucky Chicago, Ill.: Priv. print., 1908, 864 pgs. 
11 Railey, Clementine Brown. History of the house of Ochiltree of Ayrshire, Scotland : with the genealogy of the families of those who came to America and of some of the allied families, 1124-1916 Sterling, Kan.: Bulletin Print. Co., 1916, 448 pgs. 
12 Fergusson, Robert Menzies. Logie, a parish history Paisley: A. Gardner, 1905, 721 pgs. 
13 Grubbs, Lillie Martin, Martin and allied families : Martin Bogan, Farrar, Truitt, Smith, Saxon, Hay, Cheney, Grubbs, Pope, Curry, Watson, Swann, Birch, King, Pruett, other branches : military service from U.S. War Department, wills, deeds, land grants, court records, marriages, family Bibles, family letters Columbus, Ga.?: unknown, c1946, 336 pgs. 
14 Edson, Carroll Andrew, Edson family history and genealogy : descendants of Samuel Edson of Salem and Bridgewater, Mass. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Lithographed by Edwards Bros., 1969?, 1543 pgs. 
15 Reid, Robert. Roll of honour and war souvenir : 1914-1919 Kilmarnock: "Standard" Print. Works, 1920, 69 pgs. 
16 Junkin, William Sumner, The Henckel genealogy, 1500-1960 : ancestry and descendants of Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel, 1668-1728, pioneer Evangelical Lutheran minister, emigrant from the German Palatinate to America in 1717 Spokane, Wash.: Henckel Family Association, 1964, 1446 pgs. 
17 Cleveland, Edmund James, The genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland families : an attempt to trace in both the male and the female lines the posterity of Moses Cleveland ..., of Alexander Cleveland ... and of ancient and other Clevelands in England, America and elsewhere : with numerous biographical sketches : and containing ancestries of many of the husbands and wives : also a bibliography of the Cleveland family : and a genealogical account of Edward Winn ... Hartford, Conn.: Printed for the subscribers by the Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co., 1899, 2982 pgs. 
18 Holloway, Olin E. Genealogy of the Holloway families Knightstown, Ind.: unknown, 1927, 462 pgs. 
19 Taylor, Wallace, A genealogy and brief history of the Haverfield family of the United States : one of the pioneer settlers of Jefferson County, Ohio, later Harrison County Oberlin, Ohio: News Print. Co., 1919, 316 pgs. 
20 Bent, George Payne, Tales of travel, life and love : an autobiography Los Angeles: Times-Mirror Press, 1924, 362 pgs. 
21 Rucker, Elizabeth Hoyle, The genealogy of Peiter Heyl and his descendants, 1110-1936 : with the intermarried families of Arnold, Bess, Byrd, Cansler, Carlock, Carpenter, Costner (Kestner), Davis, Freeman, Friday, Gantt (Gaunt, Ghent), Green, Hahn, Henkel, Hoffman, Hovis, Huffstetler, Jones, Klein, Lineberger, (Leinberger), Mendenhall, McIntosh, Nesbitt, Payne, Patton, Peel, Peeler, Porter, Ramsour, Reinhardt, Rhyne, Reynolds, Robinson, Rudisill, Shuford, Summey, Smith, Thompson, Wells, Warlick, Weidner and Wilfong Shelby, N.C.: Zolliecoffer Jenks Thompson, c1938, 1549 pgs. 
22 Harbaugh, Elizabeth Davidson, The Davidson genealogy Ironton, Ohio: unknown, 1949, c1948, 491 pgs. 
23 Burnett, Charles Howard, The Chipp family in England and America : with genealogical tree : also, historical and genealogical notes on allied families Los Angeles: Press of United Print. Co., 1933, 209 pgs. 
24 Boughton, James, A genealogy of the families of John Rockwell of Stamford, Conn., 1641 : and Ralph Keeler of Hartford, Conn., 1639 New York: W.F. Jones, 1903, 620 pgs. 
25 Lyle, Oscar K. Lyle family : the ancestry and posterity of Matthew John, Daniel and Samuel Lyle, pioneer settlers in Virginia  New York: Lecouver Press, 1912, 371 pgs. 
26 Hoffman, Max Ellis The Hoffmans of North Carolina Asheville, N.C.: M.E. Hoffman, c1938, 217 pgs. 
27 Hillhouse, Margaret P. Historical and genealogical collections relating to the descendants of Rev. James Hillhouse New York: T.A. Wright, printer and publisher, 1924, 706 pgs. 
28 Campbell, Duncan The clan Campbell : from the Campbell collections Edinburgh: O. Schulze & Co., 1914-1922, 2412 pgs. 
29 McCall, Ettie Tidwell McCall-Tidwell and allied families Atlanta, Ga.: Published by the author, 1931, 673 pgs. 
30 Fowler, Grover Parsons The house of Fowler : a history of the Fowler families of the South, embracing descendants of John Fowler of Virginia and branches in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, also records of allied families, comprising branches of more than two hundred other families Hickory, N.C.: G.P. Fowler, 1940, 768 pgs. 
31 Deckard, Percy Edward Genealogy of the Deckard family : showing also those descended from Decker, Deckert, Decher, Dechert, Decherd, etc. Richfield, Pa.: unknown, 1932, 892 pgs. 
32 Davis, Harry Alexander The Billingsley family (Billingsly-Billingslea) in America Washington, D.C.: unknown, 1936, 982 pgs. 
33 Demarest, Voorhis David The Demarest family : a record of the desMarets family in France, the Holy Land in the Crusades, again in France, Holland, the Palatinate (Germany), again in Holland, and the migration to America, 1663 ... Hackensack, N.J.?: unknown, 1964, 1322 pgs. 
34 Steen, Moses D. A. The Steen family in Europe and America : a genealogical, historical and biographical record of nearly three hundred years, extending from the seventeenth to the twentieth century Cincinnati, Ohio: Monfort & Co., 1900, 529 pgs. 
35 Terrell, C. V. The Terrells : eighty-five years Texas, from Indians to atomic bomb Austin, Tex.: C.V. Terrell, c1948, 336 pgs. 
36 Stebbins, John Alfred A genealogy and history of some Stebbins lines : a supplement to a previous vol. Lancaster, Calif.: Arell Printers, 1972, 191 pgs. 
37 Sherrard, Robert Andrew The Sherrard family of Steubenville Philadelphia: Jas. B. Rogers Print. Co., 1890, 420 pgs. 
38 Randolph, Wassell. Pedigree of the descendants of Henry Randolph I (1623-1673) : of Henrico County, Virginia Memphis, Tenn.: Distributed by Memphis Public Library, 1957, 286 pgs. 
39 Sitton, Enid Wells Sitton and Gibson genealogy : descendants of three Revolutionary War soldiers, Joseph Sitton, North Carolina, Guyon Gibson, South Carolina, Thomas Kennedy, Virginia Houston, Tex.: unknown, 1967?, 441 pgs. 
40 Lamont, Thomas A brief account of the life at Charlotteville of Thomas William Lamont and of his family : together with a record of his ancestors, of their origin in Scotland, and of their first coming to America about 1750 New York: Duffield & Co., 1915, 141 pgs. 
41 Frisbee, Edward S. The Frisbee-Frisbie genealogy : Edward Frisbye of Branford, Connecticut and his descendants : with appendix containing brief lineages of Fiskes, Haskells, Mabies and Parkes and bibliography Rutland, Vt.?: unknown, c1926, 778 pgs. 
42 Apperson, Alves Norwood Genealogy of the Norwood, Hogg, Lovick, Benners and Howell, Garrett, Harrison lines Portland, Or.: Binfords and Mort, c1944, 166 pgs. 
43 Ingersoll, Louise. Lanier Washington: Goetz Print. Co., 1965, 703 pgs. 
44 Harris, Madison Monroe Family history of Col. John Sawyers and Simon Harris and their descendants Knoxville, Tenn.: Press of the Knoxville Lithographing Co., 1913, 195 pgs. 
45 Rogers, Hopewell L. Rogers : some of the descendants of Giles Rogers, an immigrant to Virginia in 1664, including descendants of William Rogers of Kentucky, who married Ann Johnson : Joseph Hale Rogers of Bryan's Station, Kentucky : Giles Rogers, who married Sarah Iverson Lewis : and his daughter Frances, who married Samuel Twyman : George Rogers, who married Frances Holmes Pollard : Ann Rogers, who married John Clark (the parents of George Rogers Clark) : their son, Governor William Clark of Missouri, and their daughter Elizabeth Clark, who married Lt. Col. Richard Clough Anderson : Byrd Rogers, who married, first, Mary and, second, Martha Trice and Rachel Rogers, the second wife of Donald Robertson including the family names of Barksdale, Croghan, Gatewood, George, Gwathmey, O'Fallon, Temple, Thruston, Tyler, Underwood, etc. Louisville, Ky.: unknown, 1940, 128 pgs. 
46 Norris, D. W. The Wells family Milwaukee, Wis.: Cramer-Krasselt Co., 1942, 457 pgs. 
47 Beeson, Henry Hart. The Mendenhalls : a genealogy Houston, Tex.: unknown, 1969, 525 pgs. 
48 Hazen, Tracy Elliot The Hazen family in America : a genealogy Thomaston, Conn.: R. Hazen, 1947, 1182 pgs. 
49 Elston, James Stode The Elston family in America Rutland, Vt.: Tuttle Pub. Co., 1942, 642 pgs. 
50 Mecham, Leonidas DeVon Family book of remembrance and genealogy, with allied lines Salt Lake City: unknown, 1952, 1012 pgs. 
51 Valentine, Edward Pleasants The Edward Pleasants Valentine papers : abstracts of records in the local and general archives of Virginia relating to the families of Allen, Bacon, Ballard, Batchelder, Blouet, Brassieur (Brashear), Cary, Crenshaw, Dabney, Exum, Ferris, Fontaine, Gray, Hardy, Isham (Henrico County), Jordan, Langston, Lyddall, Mann, Mosby, Palmer, Pasteur, Pleasants, Povall, Randolph, Satterwhite, Scott, Smith (the family of Francis Smith of Hanover County), Valentine, Waddy, Watts, Winston, Womack, Woodson. Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1979, 2784 pgs. 
52 Sutherland, Logan. Uriah Sutherland family Windsor, Mo.?: unknown, 1971, 253 pgs. 
53 Brewer, Hester Woolsey Family of George Wood Woolsey and wife Sarah Nelson Woolsey Rutland, Vt.: Tuttle Pub. Co., c1940, 134 pgs. 
54 Tillman, Stephen F. The Rennolds, Reynolds family of England and Virginia, 1530-1948 Washington, D.C.: unknown, 1948, 263 pgs. 
55 Heidgerd, Ruth P. The Freer family : the descendants of Hugo Freer, patentee of New Paltz (Frear, Fraer, Frayer, Fryer, etc.) New Paltz, N.Y.: Huguenot Historical Society, 1968, 547 pgs. 
56 Foulis, John The account book of Sir John Foulis of Ravelston 1671-1707 Edinburgh: Printed at the University Press by T. and A. Constable for the Scottish History Society, 1894, 580 pgs. 
57 Register, Alvaretta Kenan The Kenan family and some allied families of the compiler and publisher Statesboro, Ga.: J.S. Kenan II, 1967, 316 pgs. 
58 Howes, Jennie J. Wight Descendants of James Irish, 1710-1940 : and allied families Portland, Me.: Dingley Press, 1941, 281 pgs. 
59 Harlan, Alpheus H. History and genealogy of the Harlan family : and particularly of the descendants of George and Michael Harlan who settled in Chester County, Pa., 1687 Baltimore, Md.: Lord Baltimore Press, 1914, 1098 pgs. 
60 Adams, Percy W. L. A history of the Douglas family of Morton in Nithsdale (Dumfriesshire) and Fingland (Kirkcudbrightshire) & their descendants Bedford, England: Sidney Press, 1921, 1023 pgs. 
61 Smith, James Genealogies of an Aberdeen family, 1540-1913 Aberdeen: Printed for the University, 1913, 189 pgs. 
62 Burt, Alvah Walford Cushman genealogy and general history : including the descendants of the Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and Monongalia County, Virginia families Cincinnati, Ohio: A.W. Burt, 1942, 431 pgs. 
63 White, Lillie Elizabeth Wright Lane. Genealogy of the Wright family : descendants of Richard Wright, Sr., whose will was probated in Rowan County, North Carolina on February 8, 1785 : in brief, some genealogy of the Morgan, Sears, Kutch, Hazel and Sanders families Bloomington, Ind.?: unknown, 1943, 162 pgs. 
64 Boyd, Montague Laffitte The Broyles, Laffitte and Boyd relatives and ancestors of Montague Laffitte Boyd, Jr., M.D. Atlanta, Ga.?: Mrs. E.S. Trosdal, 1959?, 140 pgs. 
65 Foote, Nathaniel William Knox of Blandford, Mass. : a record of the births, marriages and deaths of some of his descendants Rochester, N.Y.: unknown, 1926, 302 pgs. 
66 Densmore, Lyman Willard The Hartwells of America : a genealogy of all Hartwell families of the United States and Canada, based largely on the Handbook of Hartwell genealogy (1887) Saginaw, Mich.: Printed by Hartwell-Lorenzen, 1956, 520 pgs. 
67 Smith, John Guthrie Strathendrick and its inhabitants from early times : an account of the parishes of Fintry, Ballfron, Killearn, Drymen, Buchanan, and Kilmaronock Glasgow: J. Maclehose and Sons, publishers to the university, 1896, 454 pgs. 
68 Phoenix, S. Whitney The Whitney family of Connecticut, and its affiliations : being an attempt to trace the descendants, as well in the female as the male lines, of Henry Whitney, from 1649 to 1878 : to which is prefixed some account of the Whitneys of England New York: Priv. print., 1878, 2815 pgs. 
69 Anderson, W. P. Anderson family records Cincinnati, Ohio: Press of W.F. Schaefer & Co., 1936, 176 pgs. 
70 Vail, William Penn Moses Vail of Huntington, L.I. : showing his descent from Joseph (2) Vail, son of Thomas Vail at Salem Massachusetts 1640, together with collateral lines unknown: unknown, 1947, 526 pgs. 
71 Ellis, Mary Rebecca The house of Mansur Jefferson City, Mo.: Hugh Stephens Press, 1926, 280 pgs. 
72 Cooley, Mortimer E. The Cooley genealogy : the descendants of Ensign Benjamin Cooley, an early settler of Springfield and Longmeadow, Massachusetts, and other members of the family in America Rutland, Vt.: Tuttle, 1941, 1278 pgs. 
73 Link, Paxson The Link family : antecedents and descendants of John Jacob Link, 1417-1951 Paris, Ill.?: unknown, 1951, 917 pgs. 
74 Weaver, Edwin L. Holdeman descendants : a compilation of the genealogical and biographical record of the descendants of Christian Holdeman, 1788-1846 Nappanee, Ind.: E.V. Pub. House, 1937, 572 pgs. 
75 Whittier, Charles Collyer The descendants of Thomas Whittier and Ruth Green of Salisbury & Haverhill, Massachusetts Rutland, Vt.: Tuttle Pub. Co., 1937-1939, 632 pgs.
76 Curtis, Harlow Dunham The descendants of Thomas (5) Buell : pioneer in Madison County, New York : a new experiment in consanguinity Portland, Or.: N.D. Buell, 1956, 348 pgs. 
77 Nivin, Septimus E. Genealogy of Evans, Nivin, and allied families Philadelphia?: unknown, 1930, 273 pgs. 
78 Pecquet du Bellet, Louise Some prominent Virginia families Lynchburg, Va.?: J.P. Bell, 1907, 1763 pgs. 
79 Hamilton, Von Gail Work family history : twelve generations of Works in America, 1690-1969 Park City, Utah: Publishers Press, 1969?, 614 pgs. 
80 Pomeroy, Edwin Moore. History and genealogy of the Pomeroy and collateral lines England-Ireland-America : comprising the ancestors and descendants of George Pomeroy of Pennsylvania. unknown: W.M. and J.N. Pomeroy, 1958, 1499 pgs. 
81 Palmer, Horace Wilbur Palmer families in America Neshanic, N.J.: Neshanic Print. Co., 1966, 892 pgs. 
82 Gilkey, Geo. L. The Gilkeys : a history of the early American Gilkeys and their descendants Merrill, Wis.: unknown, 1950, 512 pgs. 
83 Tanner, Maurice Descendants of John Tanner : born August 15, 1778, at Hopkintown, R.I., died April 15 1850, at South Cottonwood, Salt Lake County, Utah unknown: The Tanner Family Association, 1923, 262 pgs. 
84 Dague, Carrie M. The history and genealogy of the Dague family Welch, W.V.: Welch Pub. Co., 1938, 250 pgs. 
85 Tuttle, Alva M. Tuttle-Tuthill lines in America Columbus, Ohio: The compiler, 1968, 730 pgs. 
86 Adams, Charles Thornton The family of James Thornton, father of Hon. Matthew Thornton New York: unknown, 1905, 36 pgs. 
87 White, Adaline Horton The Hortons in America : being a corrected reprint of the 1876 work by Dr. Geo. F. Horton ..., with the history and some lines of the posterity of Thomas Horton ..., and also a line of the posterity of Levi Horton ... Seattle, Wash.: H.D. and A.H. White, 1929, 755 pgs. 
88 Hostetler, Harvey Descendants of Barbara Hochstedler and Christian Stutzman Scottdale, Pa.: Mennonite Pub. House, 1938, 1391 pgs. 
89 Hodgdon, Andrew Jackson Genealogy of the descendants of Nicholas Hodsdon-Hodgdon : of Hingham, Mass., and Kittery, Maine, 1635-1904 Haverhill, Mass.: A.J. Hodgdon, 1904, 189 pgs. 
90 Lutz, June Shaull A historical account of the Schall/Shaull family Grand Rapids, Mich.: unknown, 1968, 472 pgs. 
91 Anonymous The Sharples-Sharpless family West Chester, Pa. : s.n.,: unknown, 1966-1971, 1415 pgs. 
92 Westbrooke, William E. The Westbrook family of New York : 1974 San Francisco, Calif.?: unknown, 1974, 717 pgs. 
93 Dodge, Melvin Gilbert Ballard genealogy : the descendants of Israel Ballard (1748-1810) and Alice Fuller (his wife) (1751-1796) Utica, N.Y.: unknown, 1942, 384 pgs. 
94 Guttery, Florence. Stanley and kindred families Jasper, Ala.: unknown, 1960, 302 pgs. 
95 Hoppin, Charles Arthur The Washington ancestry : and records of the McClain, Johnson, and forty other colonial American families Greenfield, Ohio: Priv. print., 1932, 1871 pgs. 
96 Jordan, Tristram Frost Leighton genealogy : an account of the descendants of Capt. William Leighton, of Kittery, Maine : with collateral notes relating to the Frost, Hill, Bane, Wentworth, Langdon, Bragdon, Parsons, Pepperrell, Fernald, Nason and other families of York County and its vicinity Albany, N.Y.: J. Munsell's Sons, 1885, 131 pgs. 
97 Whiteside, Don. Whiteside(s) names in Canada, Australia and other countries not considered in the previous two reports (except the United States) : from selected sources ca. 1772-1959 Ottawa, Canada: unknown, 1971, 97 pgs. 
98 Maxwell, Charles J. Descendants of John Minear (1732?-1781) Dallas Tex.: unknown, 1948, 237 pgs. 
99 Irish, Willis Luther Descendants of John Irish : the immigrant, 1623-1963, and allied families Freeport, Me.: Dingley Press, 1964, 673 pgs. 
100 Hopkins, Garland Evans Colonial cousins : being the history, genealogy, heraldry, homes and traditions of the family of Holloway and related families originating in the original shire of Charles River, now York County, Virginia Norfolk, Va.: Privately issued, 1940, 91 pgs.
101 Mackay, Robert. History of the house and clan of Mackay : containing for connection and elucidation, besides accounts of many other Scottish families, a variety of historical notices, more particularly of those relating to the northern division of Scotland during the most critical and interesting periods : with a genealogical table of the clan Edinburgh: Printed for the author by A. Jack & Co., 1829, 600 pgs. 
102 Baker, Elwood Thomas A genealogy of Eber and Lydia Smith Baker of Marion, Ohio : and their descendants Chariton, Iowa: L.A. Copeland, c1909, 96 pgs. 
103 Candler, Allen Daniel Colonel William Candler of Georgia : his ancestry and progeny Atlanta, Ga.: unknown, 1902, 192 pgs. 
104 French, Janie Preston Collup The Crockett family and connecting lines Bristol, Tenn.: Press of the King Print. Co., c1928, 648 pgs. 
105 Randall, Georgiana Hathaway. Ancestry and descendants of Henry Perkins Smith and Christiana (Long) Smith : with added data of Henry's brothers and sisters and their families and of Henry's father's and mother's brothers and sisters and their families Keedysville, Md.?: unknown, 1958, 289 pgs. 
106 Coffey, Laurence H. Thomas Coffey and his descendants : with a brief sketch of the life of Thomas Coffey, a pioneer in North Carolina from Virginia, and of Reuben Coffey, a pioneer in Indiana from North Carolina, and of others Chattanooga: N. Sanders, 1931, 108 pgs. 
107 Sallee, Maggie Some history of the Wallace, Murphy and Cooke families (1600-1957) Monmouth, Ind.: unknown, 1958, 61 pgs. 
108 Hamilton, Frances Frazee Ancestral lines of the Doniphan, Frazee and Hamilton families Greenfield, Ind.: Wm. Mitchell Print. Co., 1928, 701 pgs. 
109 Pilcher, Margaret Campbell. Historical sketches of the Campbell, Pilcher and kindred families : including the Bowen, Russell, Owen, Grant, Goodwin, Amis, Carothers, Hope, Taliaferro, and Powell families Nashville, Tenn.: Press of Marshall & Bruce Co., c1911, 467 pgs. 
110 Agee, P. M. A record of the Agee family Independence, Mo.: unknown, 1937, 330 pgs. 
111 Paull, Elisabeth Maxwell. Paull-Irwin : a family sketch Baltimore, Md.: T.A. Munder, 1936, 318 pgs. 
112 Cremer, John Dorland Records of the Dorland family in America : embracing the principle branches Dorland, Dorlon, Dorlan, Durland, Durling in the United States and Canada : sprung from Jan Gerretse Dorlandt, Holland emigrant, 1652, and Lambert James Dorlandt, Holland emigrant, 1663 Washington, D.C.: Byron S. Adams, 1898, 325 pgs. 
113 Colcock, Charles J. The family of Hay : a history of the progenitors and some South Carolina descendants of Col. Ann Hawkes Hay, with collateral genealogies A.D. 500-1908 New Orleans, La.: Pelican Pub. Co., 1959, 331 pgs. 
114 Gorton, Adelos The life and times of Samuel Gorton : the founders and the founding of the Republic : a section of early United States history and a history of the colony of Providence and Rhode Island plantations in the Narragansett Indian country now the state of Rhode Island, 1592-1636-1677-1687 : with a genealogy of Samuel Gorton's descendants to the present time Philadelphia: unknown, 1907, 965 pgs. 
115 Byam, Edwin Colby Descendants of George Byam (?-1680) Suffield Conn.: unknown, 1975, 504 pgs. 
116 Mitchell, James David and Margaret Mitchell, emigrants from Ulster, Ireland, to the American colonies in 1763 : an account of their lives with a genealogy of their descendants Boston, Mass.: Press of Blanchard Print. Co., 1907, 240 pgs. 
117 Sellers, Edwin Jaquett Genealogy of the Kollock family : of Sussex County, Delaware 1657-1897 Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1897, 72 pgs. 
118 Harrison, Joseph T. The story of the Dining Fork Cincinnati, Ohio: C.J. Krehbiel Co., 1927, 407 pgs. 
119 Moon, Anna Mary. Sketches of the Shelby, McDowell, Deaderick, Anderson families Chattanooga, Tenn.?: unknown, c1933, 153 pgs. 
120 Rutherford, Eileen P. Rutherford-Alexanders ancestors Phoenix, Ariz.: unknown, 1969, 70 pgs. 
121 MacGregor, Amelia Georgiana Murray. History of the clan Gregor : from public records and private collections Edinburgh: W. Brown, 1898-1901, 1060 pgs. 
122 Dunlop, J. G. The Dunlops of Dunlop : and of Auchenskaith, Keppoch, and Gairbraid Frome: Priv. print. by Butler & Tanner Ltd., 1939, 464 pgs. 
123 Gilmor, Elizabeth William Gilmor-Sarah Hanna, 1778, Arthur Scott Jr.-Ann Hamilton, 1788 : the union of the four families in the marriage of William Gilmor and Agnes Scott, 1820 Mt. Vernon, Ohio: Printed by the College Press, c1932, 258 pgs. 
124 Beeson, Henry Hart A genealogy of the Beeson-Beason family United States: H.H. Beeson, 1968, 371 pgs. 
125 Anonymous The Weiser family : a genealogy of the family of John Conrad Weiser, the elder (d. 1746) : prepared on the two hundred fiftieth anniversary of his arrival in America, 1710-1760 Manheim, Pa.: John Conrad Weiser Family Association, 1960, 905 pgs.
126 Nay, Ernest Omar Genealogy of the Nay family : a record of the descendants of Jacob Nay of Virginia from 1723 to 1949, with supplement Terre Haute, Ind.?: unknown, 1949, 530 pgs. 
127 Miller, Annie Elizabeth. Our family circle Macon, Ga.: J.W. Burke, 1931, 550 pgs. 
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132 Gulick, David E. Gulicks of the U.S.A. : 1961 unknown: unknown, 1961?, 511 pgs. 
133 Hook, James W. George Michael Eller and descendants of his in America : including information on related families of Vannoy and Van Noy, McNiel, Stoker, Welker, Graybill, Colvard, Whittington, Hook, and others New Haven, Conn.: unknown, 1957, 491 pgs. 
134 Anonymous Colonial and Revolutionary families of Pennsylvania : genealogical and personal memoirs New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1911, 1769 pgs. 
135 Agan, Oscar Ward Genealogy of William and Mary Conley Agan, 1806 to 1968 Chariton, Iowa: unknown, 1968, 493 pgs. 
136 Ewers, Dorothy Wood This is Ewers (yours) unknown: unknown, 1962, 994 pgs. 
137 Dickinson, Richard J. A Dickinson family of Virginia and Illinois Eureka, Ill.: unknown, 1955, 76 pgs. 
138 Giffin, J. W. Giffen genealogic family history of descendents <sic> of Robert Giffen and Mary Bane Giffen : settlers at Big Spring, Pa., in 1777 : removed to Wheeling, Virginia, 1787 Cleveland, Ohio: Central Pub. House, 1927, 171 pgs. 
139 Wells-Cushing, Gertrude W. Genealogy of the Wells family and families related Milwaukee: S.E. Tate & Co., 1903, 227 pgs. 
140 Boyd, Scott Lee The Tracy family : the Winslow family Santa Barbara, Calif.: unknown, 1933, 254 pgs. 
141 Treadway, Oswell Garland Edward Treadway, 1784-1859, and his descendants Chicago, Ill.: unknown, 1974, 468 pgs. 
142 Gresham, Virgil L. A family named Gresham Hutchinson, Kan.?: unknown, 1977, 307 pgs. 
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144 Brewster, Margaret Isabel Fraser. Descendants of Simon Fraser of Laggan, Inverness-shire, Scotland and allied families in Scotland, Canada and United States Bradenton, Fla.?: unknown, 1956?, 223 pgs. 
145 Crandall, John Cortland Elder John Crandall of Rhode Island and his descendants New Woodstock, N.Y.: unknown, 1949, 839 pgs. 
146 Brownson, Ernest Ray [Genealogy of one branch of the Richard Brownson family, 1631-1951] Mayville, N.D.?: unknown, 1951?, 381 pgs. 
147 Whitley, Edythe Johns Rucker History of the Rucker family and their descendants : sketches of Carter, Barton, Early, Johns, Lee, Martin, Pendleton, Reade, Seldon, Taliaferro, Witt and Wyatt families. Nashville, Tenn.: unknown, 1927, 318 pgs. 
148 Randolph, Wassell. The Reverend George Robertson (1662-1739), rector of Bristol Parish, Virginia (1693-1739), and his descendants Memphis, Tenn.: Distributed by Cossitt Library, 1955, 107 pgs. 
149 Connell, Ruth Merner Mürner, Muerner, Merner : genealogy and related branches Cleveland, Ohio?: unknown, 1976, 611 pgs. 
150 Campbell, Frank S. Genealogy of Phillip Stoops : prepared for Wheeler and Stoops reunion. unknown: unknown, 191-?, 85 pgs.
151 Livingston, Edwin Brockholst The Livingstons of Callendar and their principal cadets : the history of an old Stirlingshire family Edinburgh: Printed at the University Press by T. and A. Constable for the author, 1920, 563 pgs. 
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