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The Family Bible of Lewis C. Ferguson (s/o Champion & Rachel)


William B. Ferguson                20 Aug 1871

Sally R.  Ferguson                 16 Mar 1874 d/o Lewis C.

John S. Ferguson                   02 Oct 1876 John Shadrick

Hores (Horace) E. Ferguson         17 Aug 1881

Annis H. Ferguson                  16 Sep 1883

Lucy A. Ferguson                   07 Aug 1890

William L. Ferguson                23 Oct 1835 See Ga. s/o Champ

Champion Ferguson                  18 Oct 1813 s/o Wm. & Judah, b. Ky

Fletcher Ferguson                  04 Jul 1845 s/o Champion & Rachel

M.L. Patterson                     19 Feb 1872 m. Annis H. Ferguson


Lewis C. Ferguson        Fannie C. Rowden    20 Oct 1870 m. Tenn.

Annis H. Ferguson        M.L. Ferris         08 Sep 1907

Annis H. Ferguson        M.L. Patterson      08 Sep 1912

     Note the date of death for M.L. Ferris, he died 7 days after his

marriage to Annis H. Ferguson. See also marriages Meigs Co., Tenn.


Hores (Horace) E. Ferguson         01 Oct 1882

Fannie C. Ferguson                 21 Apr 1919 w/o Lewis C. Ferguson

Sallie Landers                     03 Aug 1950 d/o Lewis C. Ferguson

William Ferguson (Wm. Burke)       02 Dec 1952 s/o Lewis C. Ferguson

M.L. Ferris                        15 Sep 1907

M.L. Patterson                     14 Feb 1928

Towry Family Bible.

John Towry was born 23 Jan 1781

Mary Towry was born 12 May 1786

Rebecca Towry was born 18 Dec 1808

Hosey Stamps was born 11 Aug 1794

Catherine Stamps was born 15 Apr 1801

James Franklin Towry was born 29 Aug 1901

Giles C. Towry was born 12 Jan 1825

Elizabeth Ann Towry was born 8 Mar 1830

Polly Catherine Towry was born 4 Oct 1851

George W. Towry was born 22 Oct 1860

John Chapman Towry was born 20 Aug 1866

Nancy Ann Towry was born 8 Dec 1869

Armindo Francis Towry was born 11 Oct 1875

James Chapman Holden was born 3 Jan 1881

Rebecca Didama Holden was born 18 Nov 1883

William Hamilton Holden was born 3 Nov 1887

Lewis Hattan Towry was born 21 Sep 1892

Gracy Adeline Towry was born 22 Jul 1895

Sidney Almiri Towry was born 19 Dec 1897

Some names on my photo copy of the bible pages are unreadable.


Bible of William A. Cox

William A. Cox a son of Aaron & Sarah Cox. See 1850-1860 Scott Co.,

Ark., 1840 Taney Co., Mo. At present it appears that Sarah was

related  to Elizabeth Neil (Davis) Ferguson, wife of Henry Wood

Ferguson. It would appear the relationship was through Sarah & not

Aaron, this as only the date of death for Aaron is given, however both

date of birth and death are given for Sarah Cox.

Aaron Cox                d. 17 Mar 1842

Sarah N. Cox             b. 17 Aug 1815 d. 1 Sep 1845

Thomas H. Cox            b. 17 Aug 1834 d. 7 Oct 1856

Elizabeth E. Cox         b. 17 Sep 1835

Wm. A. Cox               b. 12 Mar 1838 d. 1 May 1891

Susan C. Cox             b.  4 Apr 1840

John A. Cox              b. 31 May 1841 d. 31 Aug 1869

Manerva Caroline Cox     b. 10 Mar 1872

Manerva Caroline Everett                d.  4 Nov 1894

Almira M. Cox            b. 21 Apr 1828/38 d. 5 Mar 1871

J.H. Cox                                d. 16 Feb 1897

Sarah Ann Elizabeth Cox                 d.    Mar 1917

John (can't read) Cox                   d. 31 Aug 1869

     The foregoing taken from a photostat copy of the family records

of William A. Cox. William A., Elizabeth E., and John A. Cox, were

children of Aaron and Sarah Cox. These children are found in the home

of Elizabeth N. Ferguson in the 1850 and 1860 census of Scott Co.,

Ark. Aaron Cox is a neighbor to Henry Wood Ferguson in the 1840 census

of Taney Co., Mo., and a neighbor to Henry Wood in the Henry Wood

Ferguson survey in Fentress Co., Tenn.

The fact that both the date of birth and death for Sarah N. Cox is

recorded, but only the date of death for Aaron shown, would indicate

that Sarah N. was the one who was related to the family of Henry Wood

Ferguson. As Henry Wood Ferguson had a proven dau. Juda who was born

in 1815, according to her death certificate, and unless Sarah N. was a

twin of this Juda, it would preclude anyone b. in Aug. of 1815 to have

had a sister born the same year. Therefore it appears more likely that

Sarah N. Cox may have been related to Elizabeth Neil Davis, wife of

Henry Wood Ferguson. This Elizabeth was born in 1796, so it is

conceivable that Sarah N. was a younger sister to this Elizabeth.


Bible of Malinda (Brock) Duckett, Handed down in the following order.

     Sarah Salina Duckett, dau. who m. John Stewart.

     Albert Turner Stewart, s/o John and Sarah Salina Stewart.

     Benton Elmer Stewart, s/o John & Sarah Salina Stewart.

     James Elmer Stewart,

     Farrie Wahle Stewart, widow of James Elmer Stewart.

     Berniece Stewart Good.

     Doug Cooper, as of 3 Feb 1995 in his possession.


Alfred H. Duckett, Was born May 13 1824.

Melinda Duckett, wife of Alfred H. Duckett, was born Nov 1 1822.

     (Malinda Brock, d/o Thomas Brock L.L.D.)

Sarah S. Duckett, was born Nov 22 1844.

Allen T. Duckett, was born Nov 3 1846.

James E. Duckett, was born Sep 23, 1850.

John O. Duckett, was born Sep 24 1848.

Dolphus I. Duckett, was born Oct 7th 1852.

Thomas T. Duckett, was born Oct 1 1854.

David J. Duckett, was born Apr 26 1857.

China L. Duckett, was born Dec 25 1859

     (All children were those of Alfred Hamilton Duckett and Malinda

     Brock. All is written in the same hand, probably that of Malinda

     (Brock) Duckett, L.L.D.)


Dolphus I. Duckett departed this life Jul 26 1858, aged 5 yrs. 9 m.

Alfred H. Duckett departed this life Jun 6 1860, aged 36 years.

     (To this point all written in the same hand, L.L.D.)

Melinda Duckett, departed this life Aug 17 1861, aged 39 years.

David J. Duckett, departed this life Sep 25 1864, age 7 years.

Thomas S. Duckett departed this life July 25 1867, aged 12 years.

     (Written in another hand, pr