Before the Virginia Assembly October 11, 1776

Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of Prince Edward County, Virginia

Archives of Virginia

To the Honourable the President and House Delagates of the Commonwealth of Virginia, to meet at Williamsburg the first Tuesday in October, 1776. The Petition of Sundury of the Inhabitants of Prince Edward County, respectfully sheweth, That we heartily approve, and chearfully submit ourselves to the form of Government adopted at your last session; hoping that our united American States will long continue free and Independent. The last Article of the Bill of Rights we also esteem as the rising Sun or religious Liberty, to relieve us from a long night of ecclesiastic Bondage: and we do most earnestly request and expect that you would go on to complete what is so nobly begun; and will raise religious as well as civil liberty to the Zenith of Glory, and make Virginia an Asylum for free enquiry, knowledge, and the Virtuous of every Denomination. Justice to ourselves and Posterity, as well as regard to the honor of the CommonWealth, makes it our indispensable Duty in particular to intreat, That with our Delay, you would pull down all Church Establishments; abolish every Tax upon Conscience and private judgement; and leave each Individual to rise or sink according to his Merit, and the general Laws of the Land. The whole amounts of what we desire is, That our Horourable Legislature would blot out every vestige of British tyranny and Bondage, and define accurately between civil and ecclesiastic authority; then leave our Lord Jesus Christ the Honor of being the sole Lawgiver and Governor in his Church; and every one in the Things of Religion to stand or fall to him; he being in this respect the only rightful Master; And your Petitioners as in duty bound, shall ever Pray. September 24, 1776

Rich'd Sankey, Charles Richey,, Hugh Porter., Sam'l Baker, George Thilladay, John Caldwell, Rob't Johnston, John Cunningham, Sam'l Cunningham, James Graham, James Hatfield, Andrew Baker, Jno. Dun, Daniel Hays Wm. Hay, James McMaken, Jno. McMaken, Manassa McFarland, Sam'l Arbuckle,Wm. Arbuckle, Jno. Arbuckle, Sam'l Porter, Jno. Black, James McCormic, Douglas Baker, William Nixson, James Nixon, Tho. Alexander, Jno Hamilton, Joseph Ried, Jno Farlin, James Fraizer, Jno McSwine, Samuel McSwine James Parks, Ezekiel Parks, Tho. Scott, William Scott, Wm. Huston. Ro. Martin, James Ewing, Senr., Samuel Ewing, Wm. Gillespie, George Gillespie, Phillip McTaggart, Lawrence Cook, James Gillesie, George Thilliday, Jr., Wm. Hamersley, Robert Reid., Jacob Neighbors, Dick Holland, William Baldwin, William Baldwin, Junr., Benjamin Baldwin, William Findley, Robt. Watson, unsigned Porter, Francis Clark, Wm. Mllls, Wm. Marshall, John Marshall, John Willson, Joshusa Bunkley, Charles Hagens, Rich'd Grace, Edward Clark, Thom.'s Marshall, Ben Marshill, Thos. Paulet, John Hunter, All'x Hunter, Silas Wood, Luke Palmer, Seymer Ketichin, James Richardson, Charles Wood, Paul Wood, Alex'r Hamilton, James Cunningham, James Ewing, Junr., James McElroy, Samuel Ewing.,William Smith, Patrick Galaspie, Wm. Galaspie, George Galaspie, Sam'l Baker, James Donnell, John Donnell, William Donnell,, John Morrison, Jno. Porter, Senr., Sam'l Scott, James Morrison,Sam'l Cunningham, Senr, John Cunningham, Matthew Cunningham, Henry Dawson, Thos. Graham, Robt. Black, Wm. Black, James Black, John Martin, Rob't Elliott, Andrew Elliott, Robt. Johnston, Sam'l Johnston, Wm. Johnston, Hno. Thompson, Senr., Andrew Thompson, Jno. Grinter, Jno. Thompson, Blacksmith, Adam Calhoun, Jno. Caldwell, Caleb Baldwine, James Read, Wm. Thompson, Glover Baker, Robt. Baker, Caleb Baker, Robt. Hamilton, Jas Hamilton, Manassa McBride, Wm. McBride, Robt. Steel, Fran's Hays, John Caldwell, Senr., Jno. Caldwell, Jr. Jno Caldwell, David Caldwell, Thos Caldwell, James, Caldwell, George Caldwell, Thos Armstrong, Jno Crockett, Thos Craig, Rob't Craig, Rob't Hanna, Sam'l Hanna, Robt Hanna , Jno. Armstrong, Andrew Dun, Robt. Dun, John Clark, Senr., John Cleaton, Sam'l Marshill, Tho Caplin, Wm. Caplin, John Caplin, John Caplin, Jr. Will'm Watson, Dugless Watson, Jr., Wm. Dawson, James McMaclim,