FAUQUIER FAMILIES, 1759-1799                                                                          



Arnold, James. 59M/at Jones' Qtr. D 1-245, 1761.  He & Sarah Arnold sell 71 a. to John Farguson; Richard Mynatt wit. M 3-350, 1768.  Road surv replacing Paul Williams.


Ashby, Robert+. 59L, 78K, 81EA-9OH. M 1-175, 1761. Capt. RR1770 M 4-467, 1773. Road surv replacing William Hansbrough. D 7-514, 1783. Marriage contract with Catherine Combs; in widowhood she to have use of 50 a. on which Anne Churchill now lives; wit John Suddoth, James Freeman, James Bann, Moses Johnson. MB 4/28/1783 to Catherine Combs-bd Hezekiah Turner. W 2-216, 1790, pr M 10-37, February 1792 by John+ Clarke and William+ Withers. Sons Benjamin, Enoch, John; daus Ann Farrow, Winifred Piper, Molley Athel; grchildren William, son of Benjamin; Robert and Alexander, sons of Enoch; Martin and Thomas, sons of Nimrod; Lucinda, dau of John; Bayles Ashby; Molley Farguson; Benjamin Farrow, and Nimrod Ashby.


Dennahy, Thomas. MB 5/17/1790 to Ann Carter, dau of William Carter, wit/bd John H. Ferguson


Ferguson, Alexander. 89H.


Ferguson, Elijah. 93H/John-94H


Ferguson, James. 99B/Nathan Wheeler.


Ferguson, John. 59M. D 1-128, 1760.  He & Martha+ Ferguson sell John Brahan of WESTMORELAND 140 a. in Fauquier and Stafford on br of Aquia called Cannon's Run; William Hammett, William Durham wit.


Ferguson, John H. 87B-99W. MB 8/28/1789 to Ann Piper, dau of Winifred Piper, wit/bd Frank Payne. D 11-402, 1793.  Lease in Manor of Leeds for lives of him, wife Nancy, son Roley.  M 11-188, 1794.  Deft; John Ferguson bail.  M 12-43, 1795.  Robert Hume ag him; wit incl Enoch Hume, Thomas Triplett, John Wine, James Davis.  M 14-139, 1798.  Deft; Lewis Ferguson bail.


Ferguson, Joshua. 98W & 98W-99B/Walter B. Walters.


Farguson/Ferguson, Lewis. 86-89H. MB 11/27/1783 to Molly Piper, dau of Benjamin Piper; bd William Fargason. M 9-119, 1788. Suit by William Withers ag him; wit incl John Ferguson, Robert Piper, and Simon and James Heflin.


Ferguson, Lewis. 98W -99B.


Fargason/Ferguson, William. MB 1125/1783 to Dolly Amiss, dau of Elizabeth Fox, wit Bryant Slone, John Gibson; bd Augustine Jennings.


Huffman, Henry. M 12-586, 1797. His exec, James Young, ag William and Jacob Nay and John H. Ferguson for 1793 debt.


Hulett, William. 78P/Leroy, 82-84, 87B*-90RlElias Edmonds-99B. M 10-306, 1793.  With sec Henry Ward and Thomas Maddux good behavior bond. D 11-70, 1792.  Lease in Manor of Leeds for lives of him, wife Margery, and son Leroy.  M 10-501 & 11-24, 1793.  He & Margery Hulett ag Rowley Smith and John Porter, execs of Joseph Smith, in chancery.  D 11-393, 1793. Lease in Manor of Leeds for lives of son Leroy and John and William Ferguson, sons of John Ferguson.


Hurst, Rosannah+.  82-83, 87B. D 5-101, 1771.  Lease in Manor of Leeds for lives of her, son Henry, dau Delilah Hurst. D 11-368, 1793.  Assigns lease to Henry Hurst; wit incl James and Landon Hurst. W 2-303, 1793, pr M 10-474, October 1793 by John H. Ferguson and Grace Quisenberry; other wit Salley+ Thompson. Son Henry Hurst exec with sec John Gaunt; daus Elizabeth Thompson m. to Jesse, Nancy Hefferling m. to Augustin, Mildred Markwell m. to William, Delia Crimm m. to Joseph, and Jane Hurst.


Jones, Henry. 78Tr-Sr.  81HC-89H, 91H. M 5-286, 1777.  Road surv from Piper's mill to Pickett's mill.  D 3-111, 1767.  Lease in Manor of Leeds for lives of him, wife Lermah, and son Joseph; 1770 and 1777 Manor rent rolls.  M 6-118, 1783. He and Samuel Harris Sr. codefts in suit of Jesse Thompson. M 7-398, 1786.  Deft as admin of Charles Jones and separately as himself, son of Charles. D 10-147, 1789.  Sold 3 slaves to Robert Humes; wit Alexander Ferguson, Elisha Warden.  D 10-203, 1789.  Pledges property incl his lease from Lord Fairfax to Martin Pickett; Elizabeth Kearnes wit. M 11-157, 1794. Not resident of county.


Judd, Isaac. D 1-82, 1760. He & Lettis+ Judd sell 105 a. on Cannons Run to Morias Hansbrough of STAFFORD; wit Peter+ Beach, Nehemiah+ Ferguson, William + Ballester.  M 6-257, 1784.  Codeft with Michael Judd.


Withers, Thomas (son of James). 87B-89H/James-90H-Jr.  MB 2/10/1791 to Patty Harris-bd John Rosser. M 11-166, 1794. Travelled 15 miles wit John Ferguson ag Aquilla Davis.


Fauquier Families, Volume 2: supplement - Abstracts of “Loose Papers” from the Fauquier Co. Courthouse - page 7:


Thomas Marshall’s 1759 Tithables List for Southern District.  Source:  Courthouse RR Box 30.  1759-001 for first part and 1759-003 for Dettingen Parish.  Archives LV Accession #24569, 1759 for the first part and Dettingen and n.c. (no date) for the second part. 

A list of the tithables in Fauquier Co. in the year 1759, taken by Thomas Marshall: 

John Farguson