Essex County


Essex Co. Deeds and Wills 1714-1717


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Page 499 - Lease and Release.  1 Nov - 1 Dec 1715.  Thomas Jewell, planter, of St. Anns Par., sells John Bagge of same Par., 149 acres in St. Anns Par., “being bounded as followeth, vizt.  Beginning at a marked white oake by the side of Gilsons Creek, near the place where the old Corner red Oak stood, thence along a line of marked trees West Northwest three hundred and twenty poles crossing several branches of Gilsons creek to a white oak and red oak standing on the west side of a branch thence south by west half west one hundred and seven poles to a white oak by the side of Gilsons swamp thence down the sd swamp and Creek the several Courses thereof to the place it began”, being part of a tract first granted 22 Nov 1653 to Andrew Gilson and sold by him, 6 May 1657, to Thomas Reson, and by him sold to Stubble Stubbleson 29 Jun 1668, “wch sd Tract of Land upon the death of the sd Stubble Stubbleson an alien by an Inquisition taken in the County of Rappahannock the first day of May one thousand Six hundred and Sixty nine, being found Escheat was granted by patent bearing date the thirteenth day of November Anno Domini one thousand Seven hundred and thirteen to Thomas Jewell aforesaid party to these presents, saving reserving and Excepting a parcel of the land containing twelve foot Square, where his Grave y’d is now”.  Signed Thomas Jewell.  Wit: Thomas Streshley Junr., Wm. Bagge.  On page 450 the price paid the Rev. Mr. Bagge for this 149 acres is shown: “That the said Thomas Jewell for and in Consideration of the sum of thirty five pounds Sterl, four Gallons of rum and four pounds of Sugar to him in hand or Secured to be paid by the sd John Bagge”.  Francis Jewell wife to Thomas reling. dower rights.  Rec. 21 Dec 1715.  [Note:  Stubble Stubbleson is ancestor of many American families, his daughter Anne having married John Ferguson.  This means Pendleton, Willis, Washington, Ryland, etc.  He is also my ancestor, which permits me to remark that the name has always been to me the most country-punkin clod-hopper name I’d ever seen, until this entry came to light.  He was an “alien”.  Doubtless another of the Dutchmen who settled in this section.  One cannot but wonder.  The Rev. John Bagge appears to have cancelled the fees for several funeral sermons.  Any respectably bereaved family would certainly press a generous supply of the funeral rum upon the good minister in such cases.  Little did they expect he would buy real estate with it.  Beating the Devil around the bushes of St. Ann’s Parish, as it were.  B. F.]


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Page 558.  Lease and Release.  18 and 19 Jun 1716.  Francis Smith of St. A. Par., planter, sells John Spicer Junr. of the Par. of Sittenburn in the Co., of Richmond, Gentleman, 100 acres in St. A. Par., formerly bought by John Smith of William Catlett, adj. Rappa River and the land of Robert Payne.  Signed ffran Smith.  Wit:  Nicho Smith, Joshua ffarguson.  Rec. 19 Jun 1716.


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Page 615.  Appraisal of “som of Gibsons Estate for faruson” probably meaning for Ferguson.  Total value 890 lb. tobo.  Signed Henry Shackelford, John Haile, Henry Boughn.  Rec. 17 Jul 1716.


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Essex Co., Records, 1703-1706

Number 11.  Wills and Deeds.  1702-1704.


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Page 125.  Lease and Release.  9 and 10 Dec 1703.  Benj Goodrich of James City Co., Gent., sells Wm Aylet of King William Co., for £84, 900 acres in Essex, which is ½ of 1800 acres granted to Lt. Col. Thomas Goodrich 15 Oct 1669, who by will dated 15 Mar 1678/9 devised it to his son Joseph Goodrich who after possessing it some time died and left it by will to his son Danby Goodrich, who dieing in his minority, the land came by inheritance to said Benj Goodrich.  The land bound according to a division made 15 Nov 1681 concluded betw Joseph Goodrich, in his lifetime, and John Lightfoot gent who married Ann Goodrich sister to said Joseph.  The land was bequeathed by said Lt Coll Thomas Goodrich except 100 acres to Jno Fergeson and 100 acres sold by Joseph Goodrich in his life time to Thos Wood.  Signed Benj’a Goodrich.  Wit: Will Young, James Edmondson, Natt Fogg.  Bond on above.  Ack. and rec. 10 Dec 1703.



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Page 81.  To explain the term "procheinamy" which appears in the entry to follow.  It is "Prochein ami", next friend.  As an infant cannot legally sue in his own name, the action must be brought by his prochein ami.  That is some briend (not being his guardian) who will appear as plaintiff.  10th February 1704/5, Jury in land dif betw John Games, Procheinamy of Thomas Games pltf and Joseph Edmondson deft.  With Mr. Harry Beverley Surveyor, laid out the land and find the Def't a trespasser.  Damages at 2 shillings.  Francis Merriwether foreman, John x Fargeson, Erasmus Allen, John Meade, Saml Parry, Henry Adcock, Henry x Boughan, Will Journey, John x Brasier, Timothy Driscoll, Henry x Woodnot, Francis Shakelford.


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Page 103.  Deed of Gift.  10 Jul 1705.  Henry Boughan gives his son James Boughan 100 acres to be taken immediately after his death, it being the plantation he lives on.  Adjs Piscattaway Pickoson, land formerly belonging to Coll. Thomas Goodrich and now to John Fargeson, and so along Fargeson's line to the Western branch and down the branch to Main Pickoson, etc.  Signed Henry x Boughan.  Wit: John Boughan, James Boughan Junr.  Rec. 10 Jul 1705.


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Page 181.  “To all to whom these presents shall come Greeting know yee that I Thomas Day of the parish of South Farnham in the County of Essex in VA being in a sickly weake and low Condition and noe waies Capable to take care of, or provide for myself and that Little Estate it hath pleased God to bestow upon me (it chiefly lying in Perishable Creatures) have and by these presents doe Bargaine Sell Bind and firmly make over unto Jn’o Fargason of the parish and County aforesaid planter all and singular my said Estate”, etc.  In consideration Fargason “to maintain and keep me the said Day Dureing my naturall life with sufficient accomadation of victuals Cloathes washing and Lodging and give to Eliz’a Mary Angillica Day my Daughter when she shall arrive to the age of Eighteen or when married one Cowe and Calfe”.  5 Dec 1705.  Signed Tho x Day, John Fargason.  Wit: Wm Aylett, Adam Denning.  Ack. and rec. 11 Feb 1705/6.


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Page 208.  Deed of Gift.  11 Mar 1705/6.  John Fargeson of Essex Co., planter, gives his son-in-law Class Caston and Cary his wife, "and after their decease, to my Grandson John Caston son of the aforesaid Class Caston", 100 acres where Caston now lives, on branches of Dragon Swamp, being part of land formerly granted to Edward Hudson of Essex Co., which land was afterward conveyed by Wm. Hudson to Roger Smith, and after Smith's death found to escheat, etc.  Signed John Fargeson.  Wit: James Boughan Junr., John Burt.  Dower rights relinquished by Ann Fargeson wife of John Fargeson.  Ack. and rec. 10 Apr 1706.


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Page 255. Appraisal of est of John Jones decd taken by Court Order dated 10 Jun 1706.  Total value £48.8.0.  Signed James Fullerson, John x Fargison, William x Cox.  Presented by Constant Jones admr and sworn 10 Jul 1706 before James Boughan.