Virginia Genealogist Data
Source Doc. Last First VG Vol Page Detail County Detail Tax Code Explanation
SHC-00106 Farguson Alexander 20 32 1787 List of insolvents, ₤2 Charlotte City, 1787  
SHC-00106 Farguson Bryant 18 147 Commissioner, letter to Col. William Davies, War Office Charlotte Co (Virginia Executive Papers), 1781 A-B-C-D
SHC-00106 Fargerson Alexander 15 168 1-0 Charlotte Co Tax List, 1800  
SHC-00106 Forgerson Thomas 15 168 2-5-3-0 Charlotte Co Tax List, 1800 A=White Males
            D=Over 12 years old
            Tax Rates
            B=12 per horse
            C=44 per slave
            Carriages also taxed